13 - Kavala, Greece

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Long chapter ahead. Full of drama!
This chapter was inspired by the Mamma Mia films, plus ABBA.


The next fabulous country on the bucket list was Greece. It was a country with bright blue water on the coastlines, and navy blue on the roofs of their villas. It was a classic movie scene. Everything about the place is worth of being in a picture.
They chose a northern city called Kavala.

The group wanted this to be the best Greece visit ever, so booked a private villa right on the coast. It was a quiet area, not with many tourists. Many people living there were locals. The sandy beach was down a slight hill, but was a nice walk to witness. There was no flaw anywhere on the island. 

Across from the villa, was a slight cliff that hung over the crystal seas. It was a clear shot down into the water, not rocks or danger. Aside from fish, it was empty. That meant, cliff jumping was on the simple to do list.
Marlon and Louis were already hanging out there, just chatting about random stuff. Vi and Clem were busy getting ready, taking the extra time to look good. During that moment alone, Violet has revealed her dreaded secret and was able to get help from her friend.

The boys were standing next to the cliff, stood on some brown grass. They were happily looking at the views around the place, while soaking in the sun. By now, Louis's already dark skin had grown tanner from the heat. Marlon just turned slightly pink.

With crossed arms on his bare chest, Louis spoke happily, "Isn't it crazy how we have known each other for literal years?"

Marlon chuckled at his best mates reminiscing. "Yeah, I guess it is." He replied, before continuing, "I'm surprised I put up with your dumbass for so long."

That earned a shove and "hey!" from Louis, who was laughing at the comment.

Quieting down, Marlon spoke again. "Nah I'm kidding. But seriously, we have been through so much."

Louis nodded. "We really have, haven't we?" He asked, rhetorically.

A voice from nowhere soon ended their talk. Both boys recognised the voice.

"Hold onto your hats, because Violentine has entered the building!" Clem announced,stepping into the hot light of the sun. Louis finally got a look at his girlfriend.

She had a bright orange bikini on, which perfectly sculpted her body. Her figure didn't need sculpting though, because she was perfect. Flaws and all, Louis loves her. Her light chest, to narrow waist to curvy hips was perfectly on show.

This time, her signature hat was missing. That meant her short, curly hair was on display. Clem styled it in a low side ponytail, with pieces framing her small face. It was dying to be touched, and messed with.
But, Louis would save that for later incase she gets mad.

Finally regaining his composure, Louis cleared his throat and spoke up. "Trying to steal my girlfriend off me, huh?" The dread head challenged the blonde girl.

"Nah, I've got Minnie." The girl shrugged, before seeing the brunettes faked hurt expression. "No offence Clem." She finished.

"It's all good. You aren't my type anyway." Clem sniggered while Louis grinned. Vi just rolled her eyes, even though she does it more often than she probably should.

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