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"I did not spend three years of extensive Auror training after Hogwarts for this, this - manic crazy robot case! The Minister didn’t even give me a chance to make a decision!”

"Tine, you've been a perfectly great Auror for the past three years you've been doing your job. It wouldn't hurt to do this, wouldn't it?"

I heaved a sigh. "Can you just, come over, please? I can't express how furious I am through the phone. I might throw it out the window."

"Hey, no, you might hit a random, innocent passerby -"

"I couldn't care less!"

"Alright, alright. Will apparate in the alley near your apartment in a few seconds. See ya!"

And then, he hung up. Typical Sil. Hangs up before I even get the chance to say my goodbyes.

Within a few minutes, I hear knocking on my door. Must be him. Lazily, I walked towards the door and opened it for him.

I looked him head to toe, he was wearing casual stuff despite the cold weather. "Dude, you could have just used an alohomora and cut me some slack, you know?"

He laughed. "Yeah, but I love annoying you." Then, he removed his shoes and let himself in the apartment, making himself comfortable on the sofa.

Silvestre Malfoy. Great-grandson of the infamous Death Eater, Lucius Malfoy. Their family was well-known for their maliciousness and evil acts, but his grandfather, Draco Malfoy, changed all that.

Draco proved that people can really change despite what the society says. He taught his son, Scorpius, Silvestre's father, that he doesn't have to live up to the previous Malfoy standards, like not associating himself to non-purebloods.

Silvestre may have been mischievous back in our Hogwarts days, but at least his attitude wasn't like what Grandma Luna tells me about what Draco Malfoy was before.

"So, I also received a letter earlier today from the Minister, stating that I should escort you to the airport and to Detroit in two days' time," he stated.

"I figured you would get a letter too. But why me? There's Belicos Greengrass, he's better than me at investgations!"

Silvestre pet my owl, Finn.

“Aren’t you supposed to feel grateful that the Minister is praising you as being the best Auror the Ministry has? Tine, you have to do this. Don’t you love adventures?”

I sighed. “Well, since I’ll be living there now, better pack my things, then?”

My friend jumped from his seat and hugged me enthusiatically. “Yes! I know you’ll do really well on this case, Tine!”

I sat down on the sofa, and he made himself comfortable beside me.

“I don’t know, Sil. It’s my first time doing this – I mean, we Aurors investigate on illegal things like...remember that time we arrested an illegal Animagus? Yeah, things like that. But this – deviant androids thing? I know we are in the world of new and advanced technology, but a wizard in an investigation that Muggles should do? Isn’t that weird?”

Silvestre stared at my family portait on the wall in front of us, deep in thought.

“You know, Tine, the Minister didn’t pick you for nothing.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, she’s the Hermione Weasley. They called her the brightest witch of her age.  They didn’t call her that for nothing, right?”

I nod.

“So, she saw something in you that would help in that investigation. Even if you are a witch. She relies on your intellect, not on your magical abilities. You are an intelligent person, Florentine Scamander. I believe in you, just like how the Minister believes in you,” he stood up.

“Thank you, Sil,” I hug him.

I don’t trust myself to complete that mission to put a stop to these deviants. But I am determined to put all my best efforts into it to help solve the case.

“Now, aren’t we supposed to pack up your things? Better do it now, so you can rest tomorrow.” He suggested.

“Sure, let’s get started?”


“Would you want to bring this?” Silvestre said, pulling out a Remembrall he gave me back in fourth year.

“Of course, in case I forget something when I’m there. You know me, I often forget things,” I chuckled.

He laughed. “I remember back in fourth year when I gave you that. You really couldn’t remember what you’ve forgotten!”

I hit his shoulder, laughing along with him. “Hey, you couldn’t, too! Remember when you strolled almost everywhere in Hogwarts to remember where you left your Transfiguration book?”

“At least I found it in the end! You had to ask everyone where you left your headphones!”

After a few hours in between bickering, picking silly pillow fights, playing mobile games, we finally finished our packing.

I didn’t put all of my things, since I won’t be living in Detroit permanently. Just until I finish the mission.

Sil and I put the boxes in my black suitcase that had an extension charm on it, so it fit all the boxes.

By the time we cleaned up, I realized it was nearing the time for dinner.

“Wanna order dinner somewhere?” I asked.

He nodded. “Yes, please. I’m starving,” he said, and then plopped on my bed. I couldn’t blame him, the bed was fluffy and comfortable. Plus, I just changed my sheets yesterday.

We couldn’t decide what food we wanted so we just settled for some McDonald’s.

Two days from now, I’ll be leaving London.

Two days from now, I will be working on that case.

I only hope for the best.

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