Joining the Program as a Writer

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Are you a writer interested in joining the Wattpad Paid Stories program? Here's some more info on the selection process (as well as a link to submit your story!)

What is the acceptance criteria for the program?

The Paid Stories program is always looking for content across Wattpad. For now, the program is invite only and writers are contacted individually. If you want to apply for the program, check out what we look for below.

Currently, Paid Stories is looking for existing or new stories by writers who have established a presence on the platform by achieving a milestone of ten thousand reads or more.

Stories are then evaluated by an array of factors:

Storytelling, or the ability to capture the imagination of a reader and keep them compelled. Because people need to be hooked into a story in order to pay for that story.

Quality, or the ability to construct a sentence that flows together and conveys your voice and storytelling.

Originality, or the ability to be kind of different and memorable.

Personality, or the ability to sustain the demands of the program. We evaluate whether or not this is a good time for a writer to join the program. Someone frequently going on hiatus, someone who could be uncomfortable with a new public role as a paid author, or even someone whose last update was "starting med school!" might not be a good fit for the requirements of the program at this time.

Marketplace, or what slots we have available. We only have so many spaces available and we want to make sure we don't stifle diversity to add every possible story we love. Sometimes, we have to make hard choices.

Community, or how you conduct yourself on Wattpad. This should be obvious. You clearly have to love the community and love being here.

When will I find out if I've been selected?

We will be consistently adding new stories - meaning we could think you're a great fit for the program now, or we could think you'll be a great fit for the program in a few months. There's no guarantee of timeline (or response time).

How does the editorial coaching work?

Upon joining the program, each writer will be matched up with an Editorial Coach who will help navigate the program and offer high-level story development advice & insight on your work. Although this coach won't be able to read each story cover-to-cover and provide in-depth line edits, each writer will have the chance to ask questions, and get advice unique to their own concerns. You will have access to your editorial coach for as long as you remain in the program.

You will also be added to the community group, where you can communicate with other writers in the program and share support, advice, and stories.

On top of all of that, we're also going to be giving any advice we have to share with you based on our own knowledge of Wattpad and our observations on the program. We will be offering things like description assistance, covers, tag reviews, engagement advice, and also help with your writing via insights reports, AMAs, videos, and guidebooks exclusive to Paid Stories writers. 

If I'm selected, how much could I expect to make from the program?

Paid Stories is an opportunity for writers to earn money through their existing community of fans on Wattpad, while also gaining exposure to new readers.

Writers earning potential is dependant on a variety of things: the popularity of their story, which Coin packs their readers purchase, and how many parts readers unlock.

If you're interested in submitting your story for consideration, you can do so via this link:

Please note that we do read every submission, but only those that are selected for participation will be contacted regarding next steps.

Thanks for applying! 

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