chap 1

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I was just a rich spoiled nineteen year old girl living my life with my parents who pampers me alot. I was attending high school and learning music until one day everything changed.

" good morning sweety " my mum woke me up ,
" good morning mom " I replied stretching out . Getting prepared for school I went down and quickly ate a banana as I was already late " y/n you should eat something before leaving , come on have some breakfast I prepared " she said
" no mom I am already late , I'll eat at lia's house after school" I said quickly grabbing my bag .
"bye mom, bye dad I love you" before leaving ,not knowing that this was the last time I am going to see them.

I rushed towards school and was already late for my first lesson.
The day was long as soon as the last bell rang I together with my friend walked towards her house. It was already late while we kept on chatting and enjoying snacks, my phone kept on buzzing but I didn't paid attention.
I left her house at 11 pm , although it was a bit dangerous to go out at night but my house was just few blocks away so I quickly paced up my steps and arrived in front of my house.

Something was strange , the lights were completely off, I quickly went inside calling out for my mom but I only heard some faint noises from upstairs , I quickly marched up and saw two figures laying down on the floor in a pool of blood. I saw my dad laying down lifelessly while my mother hardly breathing.
I quickly went by her side and tried to help her.
" mom ......what happened " " what is all this I don't understand " I said between sobs.
Her eyes widened as we heard a few steps coming towards us.
" behind that couch " she signaled me  to hide.
" no I can't leave you" I cried harder.
" just do it" she could barely spoke.
I quickly hide behind the couch and tried to remain quiet.
Few moments later the footsteps became louder ,as I saw two pair of black shoes guys.  They stood in front of my mom.
" where is she tell us" his heavy voice sent chills in my body.
My mom remained silent.
" tell us or we will kill you" they warned her.
I shook my head , ' no this isn't happening'.
" kill her" the man said while the other took out his gun and shot her right on her head.
The scenario was so traumatic for me that I screamed but felt a hand on my mouth ,killing my voice.
His grip was firm as I kept on sobbing looking at the dead body of my parents in front of me.
I didn't care who was holding me right now until those men left.
I was about to run to my parents but the man who was holding me dragged me away from them.
" no please no let me go" I said crying ,but my voice already died it came out as a whisper.
He didn't spoke a word ,but dragged me outside from the backdoor.
The scene kept on playing in my head , the pool of blood , the gun shots ,the dead bodies .....I felt dizziness and soon darkness took over me.
But before i fainted i felt strong grip on me trying his best to save me from falling.
" y/n"

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