Charlie slumped in his seat and looked down at the ground but Lia still patted him on the shoulder as she walked the long way back to her seat.

"Don't worry Charlie, it's not your fault." She said, as she passed him.

"It's not that I am worried about." Charlie snarled into his lap, his sister's natural empathy picking up on his low mood. "Dad! I am not taking part, this whole thing is a sham and I will not be a part of it!"

"This is a magic lesson Charles and you all have to learn to control your powers."

"NO!" Charlie snapped, before shoving himself out of the chair and stomping out of the room.

"OK, Ben you are dismissed, Sam and Amelia could you have another couple of goes at trying to move a mug. I will be back shortly."

Lia stood up after her father left the room but rather than heading over to the table, she wandered over to the bookcases that had been capturing her attention over the last few weeks. The shelves were filled with books that were written through the centuries and covered a wide variety of topics and subjects, including spells, potions and magical creatures. Lia wandered along the shelves, staring at the books, wondering how she could not have known that they were in here until a few weeks ago.

"Hey Lia, we are supposed to be practising this whole telekinesis thing, you don't want to get caught looking at the books. Dad will kill you." Ben advised, as he left the room.

Sighing wistfully, Lia turned back to the table where Sam had placed two new mugs and was trying hard to concentrate on getting his to move. Following her brother's lead, Lia took her place at the opposite side of the table and raised her arms. The mug began to move as she gestured for it so she smiled and kept her arm moving until slowly the mug made the journey, coming to rest in front of her. In an effort to get the mug to move a bit faster on its return journey, she flung her hand out, however she accidentally caught the edge of the tablecloth and pulled everything off the table.

"Lia!" Sam yelled, frustrated that his efforts had been disrupted.


"Forget it."

"What is happening in here?" David asked, as he re-entered the garage.

"I was trying to get the mug to move a bit faster but my hand got stuck in the table cloth and well..." Lia trailed off, gesturing to the mess at her feet.

"You know what, let's just call this lesson over." Some progress had been made at least, David decided.

Sam quickly left the room whilst Lia stayed to put the table back to rights. Once everything had been replaced she packed up her stuff and headed into the main house. As soon as she walked into the house, Betty and Veronica, the two family Golden Retrievers ran into the hall and began jumping up at her.

"Hi girls, is it time for a walk?" She asked, grabbing her walking boots and coat from the cupboard. She clipped both leads in place. "Mum! I'm taking the dogs out, I'll be back in time for dinner!"

Lia headed out down the driveway, letting the dogs run around ahead of her while she tried to untangle her headphones from her coat pocket. At the end of the drive, she paused to put her headphones in her ears.

"Lia, wait up!" Ben called, as he jogged down the drive, trying to zip up his jacket.

"Oh, hey, what's up?"

"You know you aren't supposed to walk the dogs by yourself in the dark."

"I use the same route every day, I see the same people. How much danger can I be in?" Lia asked, passing Ben one of the dogs' leads.

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