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[Name]'s POV

"Be more careful blaze!! You might wake the others up!"

"I'm trying ok!,just give me the damn marker"

I groaned turning to the other side

"Shhh.... you're gonna wake [Name] up!"a voice said,it sounded like it came from cyclone

I slowly opened my eyes rubbing them"What's the meaning of this?it's the middle of the night"I whispered a small yawn escaping my lips

"Great,you woke her up.we were just about to write something on gopal and fangs face"cyclone said,and started drawing on gopal's face with a marker(permanent)

"You sure about this?"I said,they both nodded.they then placed their hands on their mouths preventing their laughs to be heard

Well except for lighting,the male groaned and opened his eyes

"Oh...no"Blaze mumbled, lightning saw the three of you

"Why are you three still up?"he said

I pointed at cyclone and blaze"They plan on drawing things on gopal and fangs face,they were quite noisy so I woke up..."

Lightning nodded,turning to his siblings he glared at them.making the boys jump a little and back away

"Stop what you're doing and go back to sleep"he commanded,the two then pouted going back to their sleeping bags

He then looked at me with a sweet smile"Go back to bed too, goodnight"he then leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my forehead,My face turned red.nodding quickly I buried my face on the pillows and got back to sleep

Lightning's POV

Looking at [Name]'s cute sleeping form,I then looked at fang and gopal's face.Gopal had a huge mustache and big eye brows,fangs cheeks had swirls and they draw some glasses and eye bug's.

Going inside of my sleeping bag,I got back to sleep.

Third Person's POV
Quake was the first one who woke up,feeling something heavy on top of him.the boy tried moving but no luck,Looking down at his stomach

He was greeted by water's Sleeping and snoring face, slowly breaking free.Quake looked at everyone...who's places were in fetal positions

[Name] being hugged by leaf and wind on both sides,while lightning's foot was close to solar's face,then solar's foot was also close to lightning's face.both of them had disgust written all over they're faces

While ying was snoring like crazy,Yaya on the other hand was punching the air like a boxer.Blaze was hugging thorns legs,he was kinda pulling him away.

"What a mess.."quake mumbled sweatdropping,making his way towards the kitchen he started preparing breakfast for all of them.

Everyone was already awake,gopal and fang were laughing their asses off.

"Y-you look like sh*t!"Fang pointed at gopal's face.He had Huge thick brows,And a mustache

Gopal laughed in return the pointed at fang's face"Look w-who's talking!,You look like you've been awake for a month!"He spat back.

Yaya Ang ying,Were laughing at them arguing.While the other elements We're Tidying the sleeping bags and pillows,Small laughs can also be heard from them

"Wake up everyone!, breakfast is ready!"Quake said,gopal and fang stopped arguing and quickly ran to the kitchen.

"This looks delicious!!"Gopal exclaimed,Admiring the food that's in front of him.Taking a seat he started feasting on it along with fang

"Calm down you two!!!,Your gonna choke if you eat that fast!"Ying Said taking a seat besides [Name],who was nervously laughing at them

After breakfast...Mostly gopal and fang eating everything,All of us started cleaning the house.Yaya Ang ying washing the dishes

Water and Blaze were cleaning the Living room,More on blaze cause Water's sleeping on the couch

"Damn you water..."Blaze mumbled,continuing on cleaning the Living room

Cyclone and Thorn were watering the plants outside, Lightning and solar Cleaning upstairs

While Quake and [Name] were at the grocery store,buying their daily needs and Food Stocks for the fridge that blaze and cyclone emptied


Ying,yaya,fang,and gopal headed back to their own homes.Giving their goodbyes,Once they were gone the siblings and [Name] were all watching TV

"What a day"[Name] let out a long sigh,making the other nod in agreement

The door opened, signaling that tok aba and ochobot were home

"How was your day,kiddos?"He asked

"It was fun and tiring at the same time"Quake replied earning a Chuckle from the old man


Well that's it for now!,I hope you enjoyed it.Until the next chapter


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