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Lisa PoV

Me and Rose just got back home from work.

Rose: wow Jennie really left a mark on you now I know why you wrapped that scarf around your neck when we were leaving work.

I rolled my eyes at chuckled as Rose pokes my neck a little teasing me.

Lisa: Stop that and yeah she was a little jealous because of Momo.

Rose nodded slowly

Rose: good thing you don't leave any on her

I smirked my mind goes back to Jennie's beautiful body or shall I say my beautiful canvas.

Lisa: well she did in noticeable places because she wanted other girls to see but I marked her to were she can only see and her father doesn't.

Rose nudges me

Rose: to much information Manoban I don't want to no what my best friend does in her "free time"

Rose shivers I laugh at her over exaggeration. We walked into our living area and sat down. I was telling Rose about what happened with me and Jennie yes I just can't get her off my mind.

Rose: so your telling me you gave Jennie your phone number today after forever of her asking and me telling you.

Rose sounded more happier than Jennie.

Lisa: yes it's a big deal I just hope Mr Yang doesn't happen to catch her calling me or texting me

Rose rolled her eyes at me

Rose: you can just say she was calling you for dance tips

Lisa: it's not that easy Rose.

Rose: you stress to much Lisa

I turn the tv on and we carried on talking.

Rose: Jisoo said she's coming to work tomorrow with Jennie so we're hanging out again.

I wiggle my eyebrows and nudge Roses side making her shy.

Lisa: is it going to happen is Jisoo going to ask you out on a date

Rose: well I hope she does but we'll just have to see we've been texting none stop and I think she likes me

Think!! Well I know.

Lisa: seriously chaeyoung think? She 100% likes you

Rose just shrugged

Rose: your making me nervous for tomorrow Lalisa

Lisa: your only nervous because you like her and she's soon to be your girlfriend. Your so lucky you can go out freely with her and talk to her soon.

Rose pushes me a little.

Rose: stop that you can date Jennie Lisa just secretly

I rolled my eyes not this again.

Lisa: Rose you don't get it I want to show Jennie off show everyone that she's my girl so any girl or guy won't go near her but I can't do that if we're dating secretly I would just feel trapped. I can't lose my job dancing is my life and YG is the biggest it gets.

Rose: you have to make this decision quickly quit now before it's too late or carry on and see where things go

I think awhile about what Rose said and I don't want to be caught but I don't want to let what me and Jennie have go.

Lisa: your saying I should choose.

Rose nods

Rose: your going to break your heart or hers and I know Jennie likes you probably even loves you. Do you love her.

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