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John: what do you mean oh crap?
You: did you hear any of that
John: no
You: oh what did you want then
John: I wanted to tell you that Hayden is here. What did you think I heard?
You: umm nothing
John: is it a surprise party for my birthday
You: no and I mean it. Don't have high hopes.
John: oh okay
You realised that he looked sad so you decided to throw him a party.
You talked to Lauren and she helped you clean the whole house up while Hayden was distracting Johnny.
People you had invited started showing up and you told them to hide in the kitchen and then we could surprise John.
Suddenly your phone rang and it was a cAll from Hayden indicating that Johnny is coming
Johnny: why do you keep on skipping that's not what you-
Johnny: omg who did this?
Everyone: Y/n
Johnny: omg thank you so muchhh
You: any time

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