The Tease War

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It was the middle of summer, you were simply cooking lunch while your husband was reading some books. You accidentally dropped a lemon on your foot causing you to curse out "Bloody, bloody, bloody fucking hell!" you tried so hard NOT to yell, but sadly you did causing Severus to call out "(F/n) do mind your language!" and you being a bit temperamental, you sassed back "Oh, I'm sorry professor I didn't mean to curse. I guess I either lose points from my house or I get detention. Oh, HOW SAD I AM. Honestly, I'm sobbing," you spoke only to hear Severus speak in his normal bored tone that he most used when teaching his students,

"Mrs. Snape, you're banned from eating cookies and from cuddling." "SEV, NO. You big meanie pants!" you called back while you kept cooking. "And you lose ten points from Hufflepuff," he spoke coolly while you were so ready to start cursing the shit out of him, but he walked over and flicked your forehead only to stun you a bit. "And no kisses for a whole two weeks." and with that, he walked off to leave a pissed off wife. This. Means. WAR.

Later that day, you were cleaning while he was tending to some important paperwork. A brilliant idea came to mind when you reached to the back of your shirt and softly tugged on the strap of your bra causing a loud snap from it and on your back causing you to try NOT to cry out in pain. Severus heard and turned to look at you as you held your back. "O-owieeeee," you whined softly as you took off your shirt while heading to your room, leaving a blushing Severus watching as you were removing your shirt.

Severus growled lowly. "Two can play at this game, you cock tease," Severus thought bitterly as he started planning. The whole day, you two sassed each other and teased each other. When it came to night fall, you were in nothing bad your big baggy shirt. "Night Sev, I'm gonna sleep in the living room," you spoke softly while swaying your hips back and forth. "(F/n), you know fully well that you hate sleeping in--" he was cut off by you giggling softly. He remembered... THE TV. He got up and went to check what you were giggling about.

Apparently, you were watching your all time favorite anime; Attack on Titan; fonding over Levi like aways. He was always jealous that you fancied him more than him. He was jealous of a damn anime character. FOR FUCK SAKES

(*BEEEEEEP* Technical difficulties brought to you by Severus VS Levi VS Sebastain.)

Days of teasing passed and the two eere about to crack. Severus teased you by eating a cookie in front of you and not wearing a shirt for a whole day. You were simply checking your phone when you saw something and screamed out of joy causing your husband to rush over and ask, "What's wrong, you overzealous otaku, thing?" "Shut up! I'm about to win something!" you hushed him causing him to get angry and one of the things he hates the most; being told to shut up and not knowing something. Sure, he could have easily read your mind, but he promised he would never without your consistent.

After a bit you jumped up yelling, "FUCK YEAAHHHHH! I JUST WON A FUCKING LEVI T-SHIT!!!" he had it now. He picked you up and glared at you while you were smirking. "What? Is little Sevy Snavy getting all jelly welly?" "Watch your tone with me, love," he spoke with hints of vemon in his voice. The same voice you were scared of growing up, but learnt how to manage. The same voice he hates using with you. "I'm sorry, pro--" he stopped you by grabbing your phone and looking while holding you back with one hand. "HEY!" you called out while he checked.

It wasn't a Levi t-shirt, it was a necklace. A two halves necklace. One of a honey badger and the other of a snake. Engraved in it are the words "Love you Always". He looked at you while you were blushing madly from annoyance. "Sevvvvv!" you called causing him to pull you close and kiss your forehead. "You're not forgiven, but cuddles and kisses are allowed again," he muttered causing you to smile softly. "Can I have a cookie?" you asked causing him to look down at you.





"Fine, but one cookie."



This was somewhat rushed, but I had to do something for this. I couldn't wait for people to just read it with only ONE part with is the intro. So I did a tease thing. I know, I made Severus a bit out of his element, but to be honest, I PUT A LOT OF CHARACTERS OUT OF THEIR ELEMENT.

That's my speciality. Bringing new light to characters. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this part because there are more to come. And I promise that the other parts will be second person, it will either be third or first, but rarely, second. Unless I changed A LOT without knowing. BAH, whateves. I'M GONNA LET YOU GO NOW. HAVE FUNNNNNN!

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