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Selena's POV

Justin's phone rang, postponing the moment that was about to happen.

He immediately took his phone out while looking at me, awkwardly smiling at me as if that's he's way of apologizing.

' Hailey'

I didn't mean to look, as if I wanted to after I read who's calling him.

I looked away and gently bites my lips.

Jealousy is all I feel.

They still talk I guess.

I shouldn't feel this way. I have no right.


Therefore, that's means I have no right to feel this way. Think of why she's calling him as we're just friends .


" hold on I'll just answer this really quick" he said standing up.

I nodded towards him, signaling it's alright. However I don't feel good.

I look around, entertaining myself, admiring the beauty of Mother Earth. Distracting my self from how I'm feeling. This is not a good sign.

I can already see the headlines in articles. Pictures of us taken by the paparazzi. I just hope that they don't really find us but I doubt it.

Paparazzis' are like your stalkers, haters, and fans. It's like the bad side of being in the fame. But I know they're just doing their jobs, just like us artists and celebrities.

I think it was a good 10 minutes after Justin came back.

" So sorry for the inconvenience. Just a friend wanting to catch up" he said while sitting down.

'A friend my ass'

'Omg Selena shut up'

' I'm crazy'

" it's alright, so what did your friend say?"


I slap my face mentality of how stupid the question I asked.

" uhm well my friend just ask on my whereabouts so we can hangout sometimes" he said nervously, looking away from my stare.


I feel a pain my heart, like those pains you get when you read the sad part in wattpad stories.

" oh that sounds exciting" I said trying to be cheerful but sounded more of a sarcastic sentence.

"Yeah" he shortly replied.

I wonder what's on his mind.

"Well do you want to walk? There's a lot more to see on the other side" Justin said trying to change the subject.

I don't really want to ruin this great day so I agreed, forgetting the call from his "friend"

'God I'm so annoying'

'More like a chismosa'

'Shut up'

Walking more, Justin has crack some jokes which end up us looking like crack heads.

Oh and by the way not because of how funny the joke is, it's about how corny it was. Most of it wasn't even understandable.

A fan saw us and asked for a picture.

" I'm such a big fan of both of you." She said.

" Awe Thanks Love , what's your name?" I said

"I'm Ashley, god you're so beautiful" she said with so much passion.

Gosh my heart is melting...

" well what about I take a picture of you guys then us then Selena and I" Justin said

I stared at him dumbfounded if he really just said Selena and I.

What the Hell Bieber?!

"Sure" Ashley said

We quickly took pictures and went different ways.

It was so nice to meet someone who idolize you, it melts my heart.

Justin and I decided to call it a day.

We went to his car, as I left mine cause he insisted on getting on one car.

As we went to my home, we had a karaoke, jamming to the songs just like the old times.

I miss this so much.

Then I didn't realize that we've already arrived at my house.

Then sadness take over my body, the happiness I felt earlier started fading away.

Justin stopped the engine off.

He took a deep sigh, like he was feeling what I'm feeling as well.
I watched his actions carefully. How his eyes look down at his feet. His smile went into a thin line.

This feels like a goodbye.

But I don't want that. I've learned over the past years trying to get over this mess is that you need to fight for what you love. Something I didn't get to do in our past relationship.

I don't want to say goodbye, give up just like that.

So I tried to cheer up the moment.

"So this is where I live now" I said.

" it's a very nice house" he complimented


"So this isn't a goodbye right?" He asked

'Thank you god you've give him strength to ask that cause I don't think I have the confidence'

"This isn't a goodbye" I said, smiling at him.

"Well, see you later love, I'll text you" he said

"Haha, ok then" I said while opening the door.

He stopped me by holding my hand. I looked at him.

He gave me a kiss on my cheek, which immediately started burning up.

I just smiled like an idiot there, then closing up the jeep.

He waited for me to get to my door and leaving after closing it. I just put my back against the door.

Slowly going down like in those cliche movies.


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