Chapter 1 - Leaving town

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Las Vegas NV . 6 months ago...

I had a dream, a strange and wonderful dream. I was flying down the Highway on a black and red harley , wind in my hair and no one destination in mind. It was thrilling and felt so real. I knew that ,that was what i needed to be doing .
When i woke i was alone in the apartment i shared with my boyfriend. Itd been the longest i stayed in one place , and i could tell i was getting antsy again . i needed to move. No one was chasing me and i wasnt running from some dark past. But i was running to a bright horizon.

Stretching my arms above my head and letting out a loud yawn I sat up in bed and looked around the room. I had spent the last 2 years here in this house and i sure did make it mine. Infront of my bed was a wooden dresser filled with clothes and undergarments. Atop the dresser held all my mirrors and above that a flat screen tv. The whole room was a silvery white and black theme. Life was good but something was missing.

In my younger years i had always been a free spirit, always leaving and not coming back for days or weeks. When i got older i left for months without a trace.But it was back then that i had met my boyfriend. He was a sweet guy, a big softy, perhaps too soft. We dated for a year before he asked me to move in with him. Off on one of my many adventures as a little spitfire when i had crossed paths with him, Caleb.

Because of my aloof nature, people who often met me came to call me ' Ghost' rather than my actual name, which fit me fine and eventually i even started calling myself ' Ghost'. And so i decided to dedicate myself to the role of being a real ghost. I kept my personal information, personal. Cutting ties with anyone who ' knew ' me, and began doing more off grid things. And it was damned easy to keep a low profile too, never had any social media never kepted anything permanent , except my tattoos , and i always stayed ahead of the game.
Eventually i had built myself into a safe little hole that no one knew was even there. Unfortunetly for others who claimed to be close to me such as my boyfriend never got to know the truth of my life or my past , of me. I never did like letting anyone get too close to me. Or know a single real detail about me.
How i built a life living like this, you may ask, easy, its called white lies. Now i know that is totally fucked but thats just me.

Sitting in bed just scrolling through YouTube on the tv i huffed and puffed and dragged my ass outta bed. A plan and an adventure forming in my mind. It was time to dissappear again. But this time i wouldnt be coming back to this ' home'. I couldnt. In the 3 years of dating Caleb , he knew about my smoke and cloud acts. But i always came back, yes at first we had fought about it he thought id broken up with him and just left . it didnt help that i never took a phone with me when i did so he would have no way of contacting me. But there is nothing more freeing that an open map and a soaring soul.

So as i got dressing in some riding boots, blue jeans and a grey t shirt. I starting thinking about how id go poof again this time. I knew that since i wasnt planning on coming back that id have to pack more clothes and my invaluables. I wouldnt be taking every thing, im not a materialistic person , contrary to what my home decor may look like. I have faux flowers, skulls and all kinds of items littered about as well as mirrors.

I also know that since my only mode of transportation is my motorcycle that ill be carrying light. A couple saddle bags would be all id be able to fit.

Deciding not to waste anymore time knowing i only have a handful of hours left before Caleb came home , i needed to get gone. But i didnt feel like leaving anything of mine behind. So i got out some old boxes and started chucking things into it things i knew Caleb would try to use to hold on to me. I needed this place to look like i never even lived here, and that was gonna be a bitch to do. I had to rip the flowers from the walls trash the decor, all of it had to do. This place had to look like it did before i ever stepped foot inside. It was better this way. It was just how id always done when i left a place for good. Leave no evidence, no trace.

Sorting through my closet i picked my most favored clothes and threw them in a duffle as well as my favored undergaments. Then digging in the back of our closet and grabbing the key from off my necklace i unlocked a steel chest that held all my important info. Just papers, pictures and a book. I threw that into the bottom of my duffle and knew that , that and the clothes on my back and my waller were all thats coming with me.

The rest of my clothes and belongings were thrown into several boxes and hauled down into the parking lot with the trash that i had managed to get down. This once beautiful apartment, now resembled an empty bachelors pad once again. Before leaving i dropped the phone Caleb bought me into the sink full of water and left my key under the mat after locking up.

Securing my duffle to the back of my bike i pulled out a pack of cigarettes lit one up and then went a step further. With all my boxes sitting on the asphalt I decided to set it all on fire. So i doused it in some extra lighter fluid i had in my saddle bags. Amd flicked my cigarette at it. Watching it go up in flames, the contents cackling and snapping from the heat. I sat on my bike and watched all that shit turn to ash. After about an hour or so it was all burned charred remains in a soot heap. Not wanting to just leave it there I broke into the maintenance shed and found a hose and a shovel , so i sprayed it all with water and then shoveled what i could into the dumpster. And that was that.

Afterwards i hopped onto the back on my bike and hightailed it the fuck outta there, only stopping at the office to get my name stricken from the lease.

Riding through Las Vegas i made a stop for foods and pulled out some cash. And headed for the state line just as the sun started to set. With no one destination in mind. And that was the last time i saw Caleb as well as Vegas. But it's fine , i fucking hated vegas.

On the road for 6 months i stayed at several ' interesting' hotels, motels , and inns. And if i didnt feel like sleeping then i would just ride through the night. Having the time of my life, i went to Carson City , traveled around California for a bit, Washington and Oregon for a spell and all along the northen US border. I had reunited with a couple people who i had met once upon a time agon. I was having fun again, feeling that missing feeling being fulfilled. This is where i belonged, out in the wild . And when i felt like it , sharing my bed with a few men, and women too.
And when my cash started getting low id just go to the bank. The 2 years i was with Caleb , he insisted i not pay for anything, he wanted to 'take care' of me. So the money i made went to whatever i wanted, and since i was never fond of shopping or wasting money i just always saved it up. I have hundreds of thousands of dollars in my bank. But i only like to keep cash. And i only pull money out in big cities, a rule i came up with back in my teenage years when i ran off.

Now i just ride.

Heading for the horizon.

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