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You were feeling sick for the last couple of days and you didn't know what was wrong. Every morning you would have to rush to the bathroom. Deep down you knew what it could be but you didn't want to think about that.
You: Lauren can i talk to you in private?
Johnny: hey!
You: sorry John it's girl stuff
Johnny: ugh fine
You and Lauren go into her room
You: so basically I've been sick for the past couple of days and I think it might be because I'm- im pregnant
You: shhh I don't want John knowing
Lauren: fine . I'll pick you up some tests
You: thank you so much
Lauren: what are you going to do if you are?
You: I might get an abortion and not tell my parents
Lauren: no I'm not letting you do that to my niece or nephew
You:Lauren I'm too young. I'm 17 for god sake
Lauren: but this could start a family
You: I know But me and John have dated for like 3 weeks
Lauren: do you think he's the one
You: yes
Lauren: then what is it
You: my parents will kill me
Lauren: oh
Johnny: hey y/n
You: oh crap

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