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I laid Katie down on the changing table and removed her onesie. She watched curiously as I rummaged around her in her dresser for a new outfit for her nap. I finally found what I was looking for; a bright yellow, fleece baby nightgown that is sewed shut on that bottom designed for newborns.

I gently removed Katie's dirty diaper and wiped her clean. I liberally powdered her bottom and front before taping her into a double thick nighttime diaper. I added a thick pink cloth diaper for any messy accidents she may have. I changed my baby girl into her new night gown and carried her to her crib.

"Night night, pumpkin." I cooed softy to my baby girl as I gently placed her in her crib, covered her up, and put her pacifier in her mouth. "Dada will be in to check on you shortly, honey. Go sleepies like a good girl."

I was putting Katie so far into headspace I don't think she knew quite what to do with herself. She just laid in her back in the crib, gazing up at me while cooing and making adorable little baby noises for daddy. I smiled as I watched her struggle against the babyishly confined outfit I had dressed her in. "Sleepy time, little baby girl." I reminded her once more before giving her a soft kiss on her forehead before winding up her mobile and leaving the room.

I decided to kill some time while Katie was sleeping and read a book. About an hour passed before I heard Katie fussing over the baby monitor. She didn't sound that upset or even like she was really alert, so I decided to let her try to fall back asleep and went back to reading. Not even five minutes later, I heard her start to whimper.

I made my way to the nursery and opened the door to find Katie laying on her back with tears running down her cheeks, sucking furiously on her pacifier. "Is someone a fussy girl? Hmm? Aww, what is it, sweetheart?" I cooed as I leaned over her crib and placed my hand on her tummy. "Dadaaa." She whined for me.
"Does someone need a bottle?" I asked rhetorically as I lifted my angel out of her crib. I carried her to the living room and set her in her playpen while I made her bottle.

My mind was focused on making Katie's bottle when I heard a sudden bout of screams and cries coming from the living room. I rushed in to find Katie standing up in her playpen reaching out for to be picked up. I quickly lifted her up and started soothing her.

"It's okay baby girl, daddy's got you, sweetie. Shh shh shh. What happened, hon?"

"I don't kn-know I- I'm just nervous and my heart is beating out of my chest." She choked out between sobs.

I realized then that Katie was having an anxiety attack. "Oh baby, it's okay," I said as I pressed a soft kiss to her forehead and made my way over to the sofa. I rocked and shushed her until she started to calm down.

"Daddy I'm sorry." She softly apologized.

"Oh honey, there's nothing to be sorry for. You can't help that. Daddy's here for you." I said as I kissed her on top of her head. She snuggled closer to me and started pulling on my shirt collar. I could tell she was starting to regress back into a baby. I lifted her off my lap and carried her with me into the kitchen so I could finish making her bottle. I held her as I mixed up her formula and swayed her back and forth while I heated it up.

"Okay doll baby, let's get you fed." She eagerly accepted her bottle and sucked contently until it was gone.

"Good girl," I cooed as I sat her up and burped her. She let out a couple small burps and relaxed against my shoulder.

"Goodness, does someone feel all better now?" I cooed to my baby. I could tell that her panic attack really scared her. She was extremely regressed at the moment and very clingy and fussy. I could smell that she needed a diaper change but I know as soon as I try to lay her down she's going to cry.

I smiled at my princess and started cooing baby talk to her. She giggled and cooed back to me. "Daddy loves his little baby girl. Oh yes he does." I baby talked her as she got even more lost in her baby status. "It's time for daddy to change those stinky diapers and get you in your crib for bedtime, angel." I said as I lifted her up and carried her to the nursery. As expected, she started fussing and crying as soon as I laid her on her changing table.

"Shhh little girl, daddy's just changing your diaper. Don't fuss now, baby doll." I lovingly changed her as quickly as possible and got her dressed in a clean baby nightgown. I carried her over to the rocking chair and put a binky in her mouth. It didn't take long of rocking her to put her to sleep. She was extremely regressed at the moment so I didn't think it would take long. I gently laid Katie in her crib and covered her up before turning on her mobile and nightlight. Tomorrow should be an interesting day as regressed as she is. I'm sure I'll hand my hands full to say the least.

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