Chapter 2

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-A black kitten, it looked like a stray wondering around the woods, ot was walkimg towards him in a friendly manner. Then Ciel realized, Sebastian loved felines.

Maybe he could take care of this one? It's still a baby, maybe a month old. He picked the kitten up and didn't sneeze since he's dead.

He turned into his 'human form' again and made his way back towards the tree where he and Sebastian would always hang out.

People thought that ghosts can't touch things, well that's a lie. Though they can still pass through walls.

A few hours passed and Ciel could finally see a figure running towards him at full speed waving it's hand in the air to alert him that it was Sebastian.

When Sebastian saw the black furball in the bluenette's hands he ran faster and when he reached the two, he began petting and cooing at the kitten.

"You never told me you had a kitty!" Sebastian exclaimed happily, Ciel giving him the cute little black furball. The kitten immedietaly purring when it was in Sebastian's arms as it was being petted.

"Well, actually, I don't. I found it in the woods." Ciel said, looking at Sebastian as the raven haired male continued to coo at the purring black cat.

Sebastian then stops for a few seconds to look up at his best mate, his mouth forming an 'O' in understanding

'Damn...he's cute.' Ciel thought, looking at him holding the kitten with adoration.

"Earth to Ciel?" Sebastian snapped his fingers in front of Ciel and smiled when he had gotten the younger male's attention.

"Huh? Oh, sorry. Are you gonna plan on taking him?" The bluenette asked looking at the kitty.



He lifts the butt of the cat to show that 'him' was actually a 'she'.

"Oh, alright. So are you?" He asked, looking into sanguine eyes with curiosity.

"Yes! I love cats, and beside, Nibbles does get lonely at times." Sebastian was talking about a cat he had found a year ago. It was a tuxedo kitten now one year old.

They continued to talk after that until it was time for Sebastian to go home. He picked up the kitten-who he named Midnight- who was playing in the grass and walked to the front gate with his bestfriend before saying goodbye to him and left.

The bluenette watched as he leave and began making his way back to the tree in the woods where he had died.

Sighing, he turned back to his ghost form (which was more comforting than his 'human' form, that form was a constant reminder of the few seconds before he died.)

The supposed 4th year boy sat on the grass and stared blankly at the night sky. It was beautiful but he didn't care. He wished he was alive once more, every night, he would wish for another chance at life but to no avail. He would always wake up still dead.

Will it stay that way forever...?

Meanwhile, Sebastian Michaelis made his way to his house.. it was just him and his cats

His parents divorced and left him only: monthly allowence, food, and this cold home.

Of course they didn't pay the house bills anymore nor did they celebrate his birthday.

But he never cared, just grateful he even gotten anything from his parents.

He worked on saturday and sunday at a nearby McDonald's.

He placed Midnight down on the kitchen floor as he called his other cat, Nibbles. Once he spotted him, he grabbed cat food from one of the cabinets and a spare food bowl.

Once he finished feeding and introducing them, he went to his room and began changing out of his uniform and into his sleepwear before going to bed and falling asleep while dreaming of a certain eye patch wearing bluenette.



Ahem, I hope u guys enjoyed this chapter, it was longer than the last one...yay. I'm lazy..gomenasai

I guess I'll see you guys next chapter?


Btw guys, it's gunna be slow updates on this book...I know and I'm sorry!!! T-T

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