part 1

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"Todoroki, " Izuku shakingly calls from the bathroom.
Todoroki comes around the corner, stepping into the bathroom.

"Yes, baby? " Todoroki groggily rubbed his eyes. "C-come here. " Izuku gulps. Todoroki wraps his arm around Izuku, "what is it? "

Todoroki looked down at what the green haired boy was holding. The object had a purple tip and white everywhere else.

Todoroki grabbed it from Izuku's hand. He looked at it with shock. "I don't know what to feel right now. " Todoroki mumbles.

Izuku felt tears escaping his eyes. "Baby, don't cry. " Todoroki wrapped both arms around Izuku. "We're going to be parents. And we'll do it together. " Todoroki reassured.

Izuku quietly sobbed into Todoroki's shirt. Not that he was feeling bad about it, those were tears of joy. He was so happy and excited.

Bakugou and Kirishima had already announced the upcoming birthing of their offspring, now it was Todoroki and Izuku's turn.

Todoroki picked up  Izuku and carried him bridal style to the couch. Their apartment was small, shocking because they are the number one heroes, they should be living in a mansion, but they aren't.

"I wonder what the babies hair would look like. " Todoroki had sat on the couch and placed  on his lap.

"Probably one side pink and the other side green."  chuckled at the thought.
"Why pink? " Todoroki booped the nose of Izuku. "Because red and white, " He pointed to Todoroki's hair, "makes pink. "
Izuku explained.

Male pregnancy is very common nowadays. Quirks had somehow affected reproduction. So it wasn't a surprise to a doctor when a male comes in and says his water broke because that doctor has probably heard it about six times already that day.

Class 1-A had always stayed in touch, Kirishima and Bakugou were really close to Todoroki and Izuku.

When Todoroki and Midoryia had gotten married about four months ago, Izuku told his newly wedded husband about One For All and how the quirk worked.

Todoroki found it no surprise. But then again long lost theory of  Izuku being All Might's secret love child was fried, he still loved  Izuku

"You don't understand how hard it is to take a pregnancy test. " Izuku groaned. Todoroki laughed. "How hard is it to pee on a stick? "

"Really hard. " Izuku crossed his arms over his chest.
Todoroki combed Izuku's hair using only his right hand.
"I'm tired, Todoroki. "Izuku leaned backward on Todoroki's chest.

"I'll take you to bed. " Todoroki whispered. Todoroki stood up and held onto Izuku, flipping him over so Izuku could wrap his legs around Todoroki's waist and held onto his neck.

Once Todoroki got into the room, he gently laid   Izuku on the bed. He heard the doorbell ring. "I'll be right back. " Todoroki then walked out of the room.

Todoroki opened the front door to a big surprise. It was the class of 1-A. (Well most the class)

"Hi, Todoroki! Where's Deku?" Uraraka squeaked.  Lida cleared his throat. "Good afternoon, Todoroki. "

Todoroki seemed to Lida. "Uh, Izuku's sleeping. He was really tired after work today. " Todoroki opened the door all the way and stepped away. One by one, everyone started walking in. It wasn't everybody from class 1-A, but it was Lida, Uraraka, Asui, Bakugou, Kirishima, and Mei. (Yes I know mei isn't in 1-A)
"Can I use the bathroom?" Mei asked. Todoroki nodded. "It's down the Hall, first door on the right. " Todoroki pointed to the hallway.
Mei made her way there.

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