Oh, No - Biana

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Dex passed out. I don't know why, but now he's lying on my daybed passed out. I'm kinda, really freaked. I stare at his unconscious body, with a pretty scared look. When, suddenly, he shoots upright. "What happened?!" He shouts. "You passed out." I respond, matter-of-factly "Why?" He asks. "I think it's because I invited you to a thing." I say. "What kind of thing?" He questions. "Sort of a dating thing?" I offer. And then his eyes widen, and he passes out again. He should probably get that looked at. I poke his shoulder. "AH!" He shouts, as he once again shoots up. "You asked me out?" He asks. I pause a minute. "Well, yeah. Are you okay? You've passed out twice in, like, ten minutes." "Sorry. I guess I'm just kinda... surprised. Ya know?" I smile. "I know." Dex's face turns bright red. "So... you... like... me?" He asks. "Uh... mhm." I respond. He grins. "Wow. Just... wow. You're awesome. You know that, right? You're just... awesome."

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