Chapter 23 ― Zayn

She just left me alone in the kitchen standing there still in shock. The pain I saw in her eyes; that rage boiling in the warm chocolate of her gaze just left me out of breath. But she was wrong, she was so wrong and what was worse was that she didn’t want to listen to me. Yes, I still had feelings for Alex but I knew that it was pointless to keep those, and I also knew I was finally forgetting about her, every time I thought less of her and it hurt less to see her with Niall. I was leaving her behind and in her place was now Mila, not because she resembled somehow Alex, but because she was her, the special girl with short temper who could be completely feisty one moment, and then a fragile girl who needed her best friend to open a bottle. The same girl who made me feel like myself, like it was useless to try to hide things because she could see through any façade I could build up. The girl who made me feel awkward and shy all over again, yet at the same time she made me feel stronger.

I wanted her. And I had to make her see that. I needed to prove to her that I was moving on from Alex and that in my mind she was the only girl now. I didn’t want any more Alex to look at me the way she looked at Niall; I wanted Mila to look at me that way. I had clear that now.

I tried to talk to her again, to insist in the matter but she refused to. I waited until it was so late and I could barely open my eyes, but she never came down and at the end I fell into unconsciousness, but I still had this unease feeling in the pit of my stomach and I knew it wasn’t going anywhere until I could talk to her.

Even though I tried to talk to her the next day, it was almost impossible to find a moment where she was alone, and as it was Christmas morning, everyone was so excited. We spent the whole day all together, like a big family, although Phebs disappeared for like half an hour to talk to her boyfriend, Lucas, and when she came back the blonde had this big and bright smile. I was happy for her who finally moved on and found someone who loved her as she deserved. Liam was one of my best mates and he was such a good person, but he wasn’t the boy for Phebs. It seemed like this Lucas was indeed that boy.

Everyone called their relatives and they seemed perfectly fine except for Moni who came back with a expression of sheer exhaustion and frustration after her calls and Mila noticed that too because she was next to her best friend all the time, trying to cheer her up and make her forget about whatever it happened. Several of us asked her what was wrong but she didn’t want to talk and Mila gave us all a look saying that it was better not to push further. It was the first time I saw the brunette quiet and kind of gloomy. It was so weird to see her not trying to bully Mila or laughing at everything. What surprised me was the connection the two girls had, how Mila’s concern for Moni was so evident. Everyone could see that those two would do anything for the other and that kind of friendship was priceless. Both were so lucky to have each other.

Like that, a few days passed and we all spent that time together; going out, making BBQs, watching games, movies and even some musicals. We got to know more of Mila and Moni and the lads and I could forget about everything and just be normal guys. That was, without a doubt, one of the best things about these holidays.

It was Thursday already when I came down after talking to my mum over the phone to know how everything was going on at home when I walked into the kitchen to find Moni and Mila having a very passionate conversation. That afternoon there were only those two girls, Harry, Liam, Phebs and I in the house. Louis and Eleanor went to spend some time alone and so did Alex and Niall.

They were so into their conversation that they didn’t register my presence in the kitchen as I went to the fridge to grab something to eat. “I’m telling you, the author is a bitch but I fucking loved the book! You’re gonna love Jack. His evolution as a character is just great and I loved so much Becca. She’s a total badass!”

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