|Chapter 6|

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  The black sleek car pulled up in-front of a building. Stepping out of the car and Reine stretched her neck to look at the building. "Woah." Alexander looked over to see his sister's face. So adorable. "Let's go inside." He threw the keys to a boy that looks around the age of her age. Valet parking? Walking into the building she expected to see a lot of people but there was only a few. Trailing behind Alexander they walked up to the front desk.

  "Hello Mr. Giovanni, would you like me to call the staff to know you are here." Alexander nodded and held out his hand. What is he waiting for? The man hesitated before talking. "Mr. Giovanni, we are terribly sorry but we lost your key card." How do you lose a key card. "How long is it gonna take to get a new one," he said calmly. "At least ten minutes." Ten minutes!! I could run away. I've been holding back for too long. I can at least try.

  Reine looked at Alexander and the desk clerk one last before she booked it. Running fast as she can, she pushed open the glass door and turned left. I'm fast. I'm very fast. "Reine!! Come back!!" She could hear Alexander running behind her. "Stop!! Please!!" But she didn't stop. She kept on running not knowing where she was going. Alexander's voice soon faded away. Little did she know that her world was about to get knocked over again.


   Sitting down on a bench Reine took in a deep breath and let it out. Staring at the body of water in-front of Reine began questioning her life. She just wants to go home to Thomas and cuddle with him. Home is where he is. She missed him terribly. Getting up from the bench she walked towards a tree nearby. Much to her surprise she found money on the ground. OMG I'M GONNA LIVE. She picked the paper up and examined it. Wait, I can't read this. I don't know how much this is worth in American money. How much is 20 euros?

  Putting the money in her pocket she kept on walking. Where am I going? I'm in a country that I'm not familiar with?

Reine was walking for quite sometime now. She did find police officers but, she assumed they were working with the Giovanni's. Not watching where she was going she accidentally bumped into a person. Knocking over pieces of paper that went flying everywhere. "Oh my god I'm so sorry." Getting on her knees she picked up the pieces of paper. "I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going." Looking up she saw the most beautiful women ever. She had long, wavy blonde hair and electric blue eyes that shone in the sun. A smile pulled on her lips that were painted red. "It's okay sweetie."

  American accent. Reine got up from the ground and handed the women the papers. "I'm sorry again, I wasn't looking." The woman shook her head smiling "It's fine." "Are you lo-"? "Reine?" She turned around to face Alexander with six other men. Crap. The men slowly formed a circle around the women and Reine. "Are these men bothering you?" She looked back at the women who wore a serious expression. "Please, Reine don't put up a fight. I won't hurt you. I promise." I wanna go home is that so hard to ask. "I don't she wants to go with you Alexander." How did she know his name?

  "Now isn't the time Auntie Natalie." Auntie?!! "She is scared, Alex." Alexander let out a long sigh. "Let's go Reine. You are probably hungry." Natalie held out a hand for Reine. I feel safe with her for some reason. But, I can't let my guard down. Natalie understood that her niece didn't trust her yet. "Go get the cars." Two of the guards left to go get the cars. Reine, Alexander, and Natalie stood there waiting for the cars

  This is gonna be awkward.


  All 3 of them and 4 guards stood in and elevator. This is the fanciest elevator I have ever been in. "Where are we?" Reine was so confused, what were they gonna do to her? Natalie looked up from her phone. "This is your father's building. How do you not know this?" Alexander wanted to die as soon as his aunt said that. "But... I don't have a father." Natalie turned to look at Alexander but he had turned his head to the side. Don't look. Don't look. To his relief the elevators opened. Without thinking he grab Reine's arm and started to walk quickly out of the elevator. "Alexander, get your ass back here now!"

  Opening the nearest door he pushed Reine in and himself, but he was not fast enough. His aunt had shimmied her way in. "How can you tell her that she is your sister!" Cough. The 3 of them turned around to see they had an audience. Which included Christian, Damion, Angelo, Antonio, and their grandfather Alberto.

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