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Uriel's Theme:

No longer did Abigail's accuser resemble her kindly, handsome father. The abomination stood a foot taller than the other doppelgangers, only matched in height by Uriel and her Watchers. It was a scarlet, scaly, deformed monstrosity whose warped face still resembled that of the smoldering carcass at the other end of the hall. But beyond the eternal expression of hatred etched into his face, any resemblance to his previous angelic form had utterly dissipated.

"At last, the true form of the Accuser," Abigail heard one of the Watchers disdainfully muse next to her.

"This thing...you're kidding me!" Abigail thought, nauseous at the horrific sight before her. "Is this supposed to be the Devil?!"

Uriel said to it coldly, "You made a fatal error coming here, brother."

"You can't stop me!" the demon roared back, but Uriel remained unmoved.

"No, I will stop you. I am the Fourth Flame, the Warden, the Avenger. And it is my sacred duty to combat you and every last one of these child-hating aberrations. Until the last day when I watch you filth be cast down forever, I will never stop hunting you!"

The Accuser fixed his angry gaze on Abigail again, and she watched the other doppelgangers fall into place likewise. Uriel pointed her flaming sword at the enemy, and the Watchers unanimously crouched into a battle stance. Abigail's stoic bodyguards were more than prepared to fight.

"This is your final warning," Uriel whispered, regal but sinister. "Leave this place now, or we will strike each and every one of you down where you stand."

Abigail and the Watchers watched warily as the Accuser snarled to his followers, "Don't just stand there, GET HER!"

Just as the Accuser and the doppelgangers took the barest step towards Abigail, Uriel leaped into the fray, dancing with terrifying precision as her flaming blade sliced through one enemy after another. The Watchers immediately followed after her, moving faster than lightning into deadly combat. Warbled, inhuman screams of pain erupted everywhere as the disguised creatures were incinerated by the supernatural fire and repeatedly stabbed by the Watchers' swords.

In her mind's eye, out of the chaotic blur before her, Abigail saw the alarming but awesome image of Uriel roaring with harsh laughter, fighting toe-to-toe with the Devil himself. With every swift movement of her fiery blade, she forced her opponent to cower more and more under the holy fire.

Abigail remained keenly aware that every last of the fiends before her was desperately aching to attack her, with only Uriel and her Watchers preventing her from being mauled. The sheer hatred emanating from the Accuser and his cohorts made Jessica Anderson's murderous cruelty pale in comparison.

"It was the Devil who taught Jessica how to hurt Nadia! Mr. Campbell was on the right track when he figured that she must've been demonically possessed back then! Holy shit!"

Out of the blurred fight before Abigail came a tongue of fire from Uriel's blade, coming straight for her. She didn't have a chance to budge, and the instant the fire touched her, Abigail felt herself go perfectly rigid as the soothing presence filled her to the brim once more.

Although the fire was hot indeed, Abigail didn't feel pain, but rather discomforting self-awareness of her own hatred towards Grace Anderson, Principal Harris, and every last enemy she and her mother had encountered throughout the entire city of Bellview. Before she could offer a weak excuse for her malice, the voice returned, calming her and taking her sight far away.

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