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The sudden sound of screaming filled the air, at least three houses lights flew on. I jumped awake from sleep and ran to the window. A girl about my age was falling from the sky, she had a small blue dress and boots on. She looked like she just got out of a chimney due to being covered in soot-like smoke.
In my pajamas, I ran outside as fast as I could to find her laying on the grass. Should I pick her up and bring her inside or..? I thought to myself. I decided to pick her up, she was quite heavy, but I ran her to my house. Once inside, I laid her on the couch and put a blanket on her. My mom wouldn't mind a random girl in our house, right?
Once the sun started to rise, she woke up.
"Huh, w..where am I?" She looked around, soon seeing me. "OH! Hello there...."
"Oh, um, hi! I'm Shai." I kept on a pleasant tone and smiled. "If you don't mind me asking, what's you're name? Also, you don't look like you're from here." Somehow, she looked as if she was from the past.
"I'm Luci, 'from' the year 1843.. this doesn't look like 1843 though." She looked down at her fiddling hands. "I was working in my job-"
"You have a job?? You look like you're 13!" I exclaimed
"Yes, I work in the sweatshops. Well, worked." She looked up at me again, a smile finally stretching across her face. Then I had an idea, I should make her fit more into these times! 2019 of corse.

Here's art of Luci ( from this story ) that I made:

ART———————————————Here's art of Luci ( from this story ) that I made:

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