It's not even 4/20

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I sat in the lawn chairs of my backyard and had my water bottle on my lips. It was a hot LA day like every fucking day and I was sweating.

90% out of heat but the other 16% (yes I meant to do this I'm not that stupid)was because of my fiancé and ex being the greatest besties ever now.

Y/N and Liza being friends isn't something I thought would be weird to me but I'm gradually getting nervous having them together. I don't know what it is and why I can't explain it.

Liza is a really good friend of mine that I used to love but Y/N was a really good friend and now I love.

When everyone looks at them it's like "well what do those girls have in common besides of gorgeousness?"


They have me in common.

I don't know but I'm glad that they dispersed this whole mean comment thing because I hated seeing those comments.

What really worries me is that the comments are shipping them two together and I don't know how to feel about that. It was funny at first but now it's kind of an issue that my friends keep making jokes about. I can't say anything about that cause I'll be intruding in a friendship and it's Y/N and Liza! You know it shouldn't be an issue. It's way better than them hating each other's guts actually.

I still am pretty worried about it though. Which brings me to my monthly cycle. No not that one.

I smoke weed rarely but I do it to relieve some stress. Now seems like the perfect time so here goes nothing.


I worked on my nails as I filed them down. They were getting pretty long after ignoring my looks to hang out with David. Thank god I'm catching a break and relaxing now. I then started smelling a smell I had only once smelled before. It was a curious odor but I remember it distinctly.

I got up from my place and walked to smell where I discovered David on the couch. He saw me as he whispered,"oh shit."

I gave him an amused look as he pulled the blunt from his mouth.

" I don't do it often at all,"he informed.

"Really?",I asked looking at the blunt in his hand.

"You want some?",he waved it in my face,giggling at my disgusted  response. I tossed my  head back to avoid the puff of smoke. I laughed as I pushed his hand away.

"I'm good. I want to see you try it,"I said moving away from him. He let his hair grow out a little more so it was in what everyone called his "Lord Farquad" phase. Which he hated and plotted something for his vlog whenever someone specifically said it.

He rolled his eyes playfully,"Pussy." I scoffed as he looked at me to see if I got offended to which I pushed him in response.

"Okay look,"he placed the blunt on his lips and inhaled it in. He let the smoke possess his body before he pulled the blunt out and let the ghost of his high float away. He coughed loudly ruining the moment of awe I had. I laughed as he tried regaining his composure again.

"See?",he said raspy and still coughing,"Not that bad."

"Only pussies cough,"I said and he took off his cap to throw at me. I tried catching it to throw it back but got distracted with Natalie coming into the room. She walked past us looking at her phone but stopped to discover the source of the weed.

"Hey Natalie,"I greeted still laughing at David.

"Hey,"she made a face suddenly,"what's that smell?"

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