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8.  It takes three to tangle
Hazel Michelson


"Somebody's mad" I said as I troubled Noah watching his chest rise fastly as he huffed and puffed. He was making it a bit hard to concentrate during my proofreading since his constant mutters and loud shifting of his utentils went unnoticed.

"They won't let me publish my story" He muttered clearly.

"They have someone in custody" I was pretty much stating the obvious as to why they're stopping him.

This morning the statement was released that someone has given their confession so it made sense why they wouldn't allow him to stir up the citizens that they just gave a sense of relief to.

"Do you seriously think Richard Vickter was able to tear bodies apart, strangle a janitor then did the same to another person?"

I wasn't sure if that was a rhetorical question since statements were released on how he did it.

"Noah, we did see his shoe prints and there were evidence on his last crime" I pointed out.

"He's being framed, there I said it, is it so hard for people to open their minds to that possibility?" He had a crazy look in his eyes. I could tell he was really tired and high off caffeine.

"I know this may sound hard but you have to let it go"

"I can't. Something is happening right before our eyes and every one is blind to it and I'll get to the bottom of it even if it kills me" He stated.

I could tell there was no changing his mind so I gave a little nod as I organize the file to carry off to the editor. I was nervous as I stood on the other side of the door. It took me a couple seconds before I was brave enough to knock it.

"You may enter" I heard and did just that.

"I finished the piece I was assigned so I thought I'd just submit it early" I was happy to see I didn't stumble over any of my words as I passed on the freshly printed paper to him.

"Thank you, another piece will be assigned tomorrow" He nodded.

I gave a faint smile before leaving so I could return to my assigned location. Noah was busy on his laptop probably still trying to piece evidence together. I watched the hands of the clock moved slowly as the time drifted away. It was really a slow news day pretty much slower than the usual that I had to turn to my phone for entertainment which I don't ever do.

I was hesitant but I texted Tyler first, I wasn't sure if he'd answer or if he was in one of his grouchy moods. Before I could start overthinking I was surprised to see he responded and even quicker than I expected. I didn't even expect to get this far now I don't know what to say.



I'm still thinking about the other night, we should hang out again or grab a bite sometime .

Michelson...are you asking me out?

No! Absolutely not!

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