"Why are you sorry?" Aurora asked, "I'm so proud of you! I know this is what you've always wanted. What you both always wanted. Although, promise to not forget me?"

Fred chuckled and sighed in relief, bringing Aurora tightly into his arms, "I could never forget you," he muttered into her hair as she wrapped her arms around his torso, burying her head into his chest, "Plus, the school year is almost over so we'll see each other everyday."

"I'm going to miss you," Aurora muttered, her voice quiet.

Fred moved away slightly so he could look at her face, "I'll miss you too, but it won't be for long," he told her before planting a gentle kiss on her lips. 

"I meant 'cause your mum is definitely going to kill you once she finds out," Aurora chuckled, the tears were still flooding her eyes but she smiled anyways.

Fred threw his head back as he laughed, the sound of his laughter made Aurora's smile even wider as she watched his lips stretch out whilst his eyes shut momentarily, "That's a fair point, love."


The next day Aurora couldn't help but feel sad. The thought had finally settled with her; she won't be finishing her last year at Hogwarts with her two best friends by her side. However, she knew it would be too selfish of her to get them to stay; they never did like education, it was clear to see that, plus their talent laid with pranks and their new joke shop.

When the couple got back to the Gryffindor common room, she had said her goodbyes to George, who would never admit it but he did tear up slightly. The twins and Aurora stayed up all night in the common room that night, alongside Lee Jordan who unfortunately fell asleep half way and woke up sporting a lovely drawing on his forehead as well as a very realistic looking moustache. The twins had told them how they were going to leave, leaving a few things out not to spoil all the fun of it. She even helped them break into Umbridge's office to retrieve both of their broomsticks, along with hers which Fred said he'll take back to Grimmauld Place for her. 

It was mid-day when Aurora was walking around the corridors, she had been told by the twins where she needs to be and at what time and so she casually wandered around the almost empty hallways of the school. Since the fifth years were having their exams the school seemed much quieter than usual. 

She sat at the bottom of the staircase close to the Great Hall before a loud whoosh went past her head. She moved her head up at the sound but even without looking she knew exactly what it was, well, more like who it was. She smiled to herself as she saw the Great Hall doors opening and Professor Umbridge standing in them looking around. The Professor quickly spotted the black haired girl sitting on the steps and began to make her way towards her; her face stern as her nostrils flared in anger, but before she could reach her another whoosh sound went past, however, this time it flew right into the Hall.

Umbridge quickly turned on her heels and ran back into the Hall as she noticed fireworks setting off. They were small but there were quite a lot of them. Aurora stood up cautiously and made her way closer, making sure Umbridge didn't see her. She laughed when she saw Fred and George on their broomsticks throwing fireworks up in the air, causing all of the exam papers to fly all around the Great Hall. 

"Ready, George?"

"Ready, Fred!"

Fred smirked before he threw the biggest firework of them all up, the loud sound caused the whole school to shake as the fireworks merged into a large dragon. The rumbling of the school grounds got other people interested and so more students from all over the school as well as Professors ran over to see what was happening. The huge firework dragon then spotted Umbridge, and before Aurora could even blink it started to chase the small woman who screamed in pure terror and began to run out of the Great Hall. 

Aurora laughed clutching her stomach as she watched the dragon catching up to the Pink Toad before opening it's jaw then smashing it close once it had reached the Professor. Umbridge screeched and the loud noise of the firework going off caused the declarations she had put up around the school to smash and fall down to the ground with loud thuds.

Aurora smirked proudly as she watched the twins fly out of the Hall, George headed towards the exit whereas Fred headed towards the black haired girl, he quickly threw a firework in front of her before disappearing to where George was. Aurora raised her eyebrows in confusion as she and some students around her watched the firework carefully. A large smile imprinted itself on her lips as she watched it explode, revealing a secret message; 'I love you, Aurora Black.'

She heard some students awing at the firework she had received whilst tears gathered up in her eyes, she quickly wiped them away as the firework disappeared and she ran outside where the majority of the school was now gathered. She looked up at the sky, feeling proud as the twins set off one last large firework which branded their shop before flying away from the school grounds, their figures getting smaller and smaller before they disappeared.

The students all cheered loudly, Aurora even noticed some of the Professors with wide smiles on their faces. She smiled at Ron who came and stood by her, clasping his hand on her shoulder comfortingly before the pair laughed at what just happened. Ron then furrowed his eyebrows and looked around the pair, as if he was looking for something or someone. Aurora tilted her head in confusion before Ron mouthed the word 'Harry'.

Aurora quickly whipped her head around, trying to find her brother through the large crowd of students, she finally spotted him as he fell down onto the ground, Hermione running up to him. The black haired girl quickly grabbed Ron's sleeve pulling him along with her as she ran over to where Harry was sitting on the ground.

"Harry?" She asked, placing her hand on his shoulder. Her eyes were filled with worry as Harry's face paled and sweat dripped down his forehead.

He didn't say anything for several minutes before finally saying something that made Aurora's heart almost stop beating in her chest, "Sirius. He's got Sirius."

AN- Almost the end of Order of the Phoenix, who's excited? Definitely not me 'cause of a certain scene. 

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