12 - Venice, Italy

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Venice was one of the cities that Clem has always wanted to go. Forget Rome, Venice was the dream for her.
And it was made even better by having Louis by her side.

One of the famous culture things to do in Venice is the boat trips down the canals, which is a mode of transport for the citizens. It was popular because it's cheap, but gives great views of the city. This means that the group had to get involved in that too.

"Come on Clem, don't be a pansy about it." Marlon shouted from the boat, to the girl stood on the pier. Everyone had gotten into the boat, with Clem refusing due to how unstable the boat was moving.

Giving him the evil eyes, Clem shouted back "Have you seen how that boat looks?! It's unstable."

Violet snorted, "I'm unstable, forget this boat."

"Hey! I'm meant to be making the puns." Louis replied, half joking.

Marlon interjected, "Or maybe we could all make puns and call a truce?"

In the background, Clem shrieked. "What about me?" From being forgotten.

After awhile, Clem managed to get onto the wobbly boat without breaking it, or herself. That meant the tour of the city could finally begin. The canals were thin, and could barely fit two boats next to each other. Regardless, Clementine was able to have a good time.

"Look, there's the hotel!" Violet shouted, in an amused tone. The boat had just passed their hotel, which made sense since there were many routes for the water to go.

A short while later, and the tour came to an end. They ended where they started, which allowed the group to venture back in the city. On the way, Marlon spotted a certain restaurant that was recommended to him. Everyone decided that is where they would get a late lunch.
Due to Marlon's foolishness, he almost fell into the water of the canal. That would have been a disaster, due to the amount of traffic on the clear water.


Upon entering the restaurant, the group soon realised that it was a very nice looking place. It was decorated in an old fashion way, but still had a nice vibe. There was not a speck of dirt or mess, showing the high standards of the place.

The walls were painted in a dark red, which stood out against the white tables and chairs. The lights were actually candles in jars, connected to the ceiling. The gold accents around the place was the final touch to the elegance that were required.

Clem was the first to start the conversation, voice filled with awe. "This place looks more expensive than my entire house."

"Wow. I've never seen a restaurant look so good." Louis muttered, breath taken.

Violet also had the same reaction, looking around the room. "It's prettier than me."

Marlon snorted and replied, "Damn straight." Which earned an elbow to the rib from the girl.

A waiter that recognised one of the teens approached the group. "Marlon! How good to see you again." An older man spoke, walking over to the shocked group.

Marlon hugged the short man, before announcing him to the rest of his best friends. "Guys, this is my grandpa." He spoke with a smile.

"Dude, that's cool." Louis replied, also with a grin on his face.

Clem then squealed in excitement, shocking the rest of the onlookers. "Oh my god. I would kill if it meant I could live here, in Venice. You're so lucky."

The elderly man laughed, before speaking up "Yes, I consider myself lucky every day."

Violet made her presence know, for the first time in awhile. "Not to sound rude, but can we order now? I'm starving." She ended with a smile, showing her teeth.

The old man clapped, showing enthusiasm. "Yes! Let's get you all a table and start this."

Louis and Clem looked at each other, then laughing. Considering his age, Marlon's granddad had lots of energy and happiness within him. It was nice to see.

After ordering, the group were sharing drinks and laughter. Everyone seemed so happy. It was like the moment could last forever. But, this would all end in a few weeks time. Clementine was going to California while Louis stayed behind, at home. Everyone was doing their own thing, which meant hard goodbyes were expected.
It's not a goodbye, more of a see you later.

Among the food was authentic Italian dishes from pizza, to pasta and ending with lasagna. It was so much tastier compared to American food. It tasted good, but also looked nice too. Almost too pretty to eat, but everyone was hungry.
There was also garlic bread, plain and cheesy.

"Cheesy garlic bread is a blessing." Violet hummed in pleasure, stuffing her face with the food.

Disgusted, Clem argued "No. Plain garlic bread is better." Showing her distaste to cheesy garlic bread.

Wanting to settle the petty argument, Violet turned to the boys asking "Which is better; cheesy or plain garlic bread?"
Marlon and Louis paused, like deers caught in headlights.

Smirking, the blondes reply was "Oh. Cheesy, no questions." Which meant everything rested on Louis.

Glaring intently at her boyfriend, he instantly thought of the consequences if he didn't agree. "I think plain garlic bread is fine too." He said, knowing her made the right choice.

From getting her own way, Clem instantly smiled innocently.

Who knew garlic bread was a sensitive subject for some people?

Deep down, Violet held a secret that she wasn't sure about. Clem was the only one she felt she can confide in, but now isn't the correct time. But when could be the right time?

Clementine always managed to get her own way with Louis. He had a special soft spot for her, that no one else had. But, he wanted that to last forever.

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