Chapter 8:

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Today her father wanted her to go to the surface world, to spend the day with her big brother figure. He was the leader of a team of young heroes, and Wally and Dick where part of it. She really was excited to go, because she hasn't seen those two in two years.

Last time she saw them, it was before Roy went missing. Back when Dick was 11 and Wally was 13, now they are older. Like her, and she wanted to catch up. Sadly Anthony wasn't gonna be there, she really wished he was.

Anyway, she put on her outfit. It was traditional girl attire, which she didn't really like. But, she just didn't like the fact it was technically a dress. It was silver skirt, black pants, and a royal blue top. The top covered her stomach and back, and the sleeves went down to her elbows.

"Percy, it's time to go." Her dad said, and she grabbed her surface clothes. Then swam to him, he then smiled.

"Let us be off." He said as he swam to the zeta, and she followed. They went into the beam, and where transported to the Cave.

'Recognized: Aquaman A07, Percilla G01'

When they stepped out of the light, Percy saw Kaldur waiting for them. She walked over to him, then gave him a hug. He returned it, and they both smiled.

"It's good to see you Kaldur, I've missed you in Atlantis." Percy told the older, and he looked at her.

"And I've missed you to, the surface world is quite lonely." He told her, and then she heard voices.

"Kaldur, Who was. Oh, hello." A green girl said, and Percy looked to her father.

"It's ok, this is the team. I've got business to attend to in Atlantis, Kaldur, make sure she heads home before sundown." Arthur Said, and Kaldur nodded.

"Ok, team there is someone I'd like you to meet." Kaldur Said, as he faces the teens that had arrived. However both Robin and Kid Flash's eyes widened, and they ran forward.

"Percy!" They said before they tackled her to the ground, Percy laughed.

"It's good to see you both as well, now please, do you mind?" She Asked as they quickly got up, then helped her up as well.

"Ok, like I was saying. Team this is Percilla, and she's going to spend the day with us." Kaldur Said, and she sighed.

"Ignore him, call me Percy. Don't worry, I've known about the league since I was really young. I grew up with them, and Monkey boy and Mustard Bottle over there." Percy Said gesturing to Robin and Kid Flash. Making the blind archer burst out laughing.

"I like this girl, my name is Artemis." She Said, and Percy started laughing.

"Apologies, but the Artemis I know is a brunette who loves to skewer things with a long sword. Who also likes to yell, I just couldn't help myself." Percy told the girl, and she smiled.

"My name is Megan, and I love that outfit." She told her, and Percy shrugged.

"My name is Connor." Connor said, and Percy's eyes widened. He looked exactly like Anthony's dad, and that was scary.

"Monkey boy, a word now." She said, and Robin instantly followed her.

"Umm, can she do that?" Asked Megan, and Wally shrugged.

"We can't really stop her, she's Aquaman's daughter. She's a literal princess, and she can kick our cans into next week." He told them, and they where surprised.

"Robin, is that Connor Anthony's brother?!?" Percy hissed in the other room, the boy nodded.

"Yeah, but we can't get Clark to accept him." He told her, and her eyes darkened.

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