Me gotz kidnapped by AVENGED SEVENFOLD! (my insane story)

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I woke up in a strange room, all black with red trimmings. Hmm, cool room, but why the hell am I here! AHHHHHH! I jump out of the bed screaming like the bunnies are after me, cuz I remembered how I gotz here. Me and my twinny were in the mall singing our song, and making people mad, when they kicked us out. So we stood outside and humped the windows, to piss em off even more...mwahahaha. We always have evil plans to piss people off and get revenge. Anywayz, so then they kicked us out of the parking lot too....for reasons undescribed here, and best left that way. *laughs maniacally* Hmm...oh sorry forgot you were there people. Hmph, ok so kicked out of parking lot.....yes, then we jumped in our purple and black zebra striped car, and went to Walmart to piss off the people there. Blah, Blah, blah....and then once we got kicked out of there too, and had accomplished our mission of pissing everyone in the town off, we got banged on the head with sharp wooden things. So yadda ya ya, we are unconscious, apparently those people brought us here. Though I don't see my twinny...oh wellz, first I must inspect the room for crazy items to escape with...hmmm...inspecting....inspecting...OWW! MY HEAD!!!....inspecting...I FOUND THE BATHROOM!!!!...goes pee....explores the poddy-woddy....OHHHZ! shiny sharp object!...picks it up...screams....this continues for quite some time. Then, I FOUND THE DOOR!!!!! TO OUTSIDE THIS GODFORSAKEN HELLHOLE OF A ROOM!. Being trapped in a room with no way out and hurting yourself constantly makes you quite emotional....suckz for my captors, they don't wanna see moi pissed...then you got danger comin yo way! Well...time to bust down the door! Never a better way to get into...or out of a room/house. RUN....JUMP...KICK! KWEE-POW! Door cracked. AGAIN! AGAIN! Door falls over! IM OUT MOTHA FUCKAZ! find the way around in circles. Then I run into a wall. Look up and see a very person like I say "Hi Mr.Wall! I just got out of that room I was in, it was making me quiet emotional don'cha know! Apparently I have a problem with my emotions." I nod my head frantically and make awkward hand gestures cuz im boredz as fuckz. "Could' ya please tell moi how to bust outta this joint?....well ok maybe not...don't be so serious all the time Mr.Wall...hey! can I call you Wha-wha?! WHA-WHA!!!" apparently WHA-WHA, doesn't like his new nickname or me either....oh well. Who cares about him, hes just Wha-Wha. He picked me up and is glaring at me. Meaniebutt. So, Wah-Wah here carried me into a BIG room with lots of instruments in it! Yayz! Music! Then I see the even BIGGER men all scattered around the room, and Wah-Wah says "I found her running around in circles with the door to the room busted down. Apparently she kicked it I brought her in here so we can decide what to do with her." Then one of the BIG, SCARY, men stood up and came and picked me up and took me away from Wah-Wah so I screamed "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NOOOO!! DON'T TAKE ME AWAY FROM WAH-WAH!!!" then I started crying. They all looked at me like I was psycho...well I guess I am. Anywayz, the big scary men who picked me up and took me away from my Wah-Wah was like "What the hell?! Who is Wah-Wah?" then Wah-Wah told him "That would be me. Apparently she nicknamed me that, because at first she ran into me and was all 'HI MR.WALL!' and shit. I think we got a crazy chick this time." All the other guys busted out laughing at him while I stood there pouting, cuz they laughed at my awesomenezz nickname. I got bored with waiting so I walked around and grabbed one of the guitarz and started to play my favorite song ever, Scream by Avenged Sevenfold. They all stopped what they were doing and listened to me play, until one of the dudes, with a fedora, came up to me and screamed and took the guitar away from me. Meaniebutt. Waaaiiitt.....that guitar looked like that custom made one Synyster Gates has....the purple one with black lightning on it... I look closely at these guys, and examine them. HOLY SHIT! "HOLY SHIT!!" then they all sigh and are like "What now?" and I scream "YOU GUYS ARE AVENGED FUCKING SEVENFOLD! HOW THE HELL DID I GET HERE WITH Y'ALL?!" then they all are like 'ohhhhz' on their faces, and then Syn-y, my new nickname for Synyster Gates, talks and says "We kidnapped you, cuz we needed some company on tour...and we were bored." I think about it for a minute....and say "Okz...well sounds fun! As long as you guys don't rape me, or betray me to the evil bunnies..." I put on my suspicious face and watch them for any signs of the evil bunnies...if they know them or are in cohorts with them...sigh of relief. Good no signs of evil bunnies. They look around confuzzedly and ask "Evil bunnies? Are you high? And no we are not going to rape you...unless you want us too, and then it won't be rape anymore." The last part is said with a smirk on their faces I can tell. Poutz....oh wellz...I reply "No I do not wish to get raped, and no I am not high! Here is why. Bunnies are evil, and will take over the world, rape, kill, and eat everyones disentagrating bodies one day. Then all of those stupid bunnyfuckerz will see! Oh yes they will! Mwahahaha! Oh, by the wayz, what happened to the girl who was with me? My twinny!!!?!!!" and they reply..."

mwahahahaaha! hehez, yes, yes, i finally posted my fwirst story! YAYZ!! i hope you pplz shall enjoy it! it shall only get more and more insane!! and obviously it contains avenged sevenfold...their personalties shall all be crazy in this, like my character. ive actually done some of this stuff....well, no need to go into detail about that. anywayz, read, vote, comment, blah, blah, blahblah, MY STORY! TRY TO STEAL AND I WILL SEND MY EVIL MINIONS AFTER YOU!!!....mwahahaha. *evil laughter*

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