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"I don't know if this is such a good idea

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"I don't know if this is such a good idea." Alex said hesitantly as I sparked the joint. He was staring at it like this weed would soon demand the life of his first born child. I couldn't help but chuckle as his face twisted into pure mortification. "Especially after the whole camping fiasco- I don't think my body is at 100 percent yet."

"Ease up kid, Jesus. Have you really never tried pot before?"

"It's not necessarily that I've never tried it... it's more or less the debauchery that ensued when I did try it." He explained. I raised an eyebrow in response to that.

"What exactly happened? I never viewed weed as a dangerous drug. The only thing I'm a real threat to once I'm high, is my fridge." I replied honestly.

Alex's face break into a grin at my words. "It was all types of a mess." He admitted. "Derek had brought over some as a celebratory high after I accepted the job at Ivanov Corp. We smoked for a while and played a few video games, but got interrupted by a phone call. Apparently his girlfriend at the time had found some other woman's bra at their place and- well... long story short, he had to leave sooner than we anticipated.

"I was stupid high by that point and decided against better judgement that I wanted to check out the roof of my apartment building. Theres a beautiful overlook of the city from up there, but it's only accessible through the back staircase. If you don't prop the door open once you reach the top, it locks behind you.

"I ended up forgetting to do just that, and got stuck up there all night until the maintenance guy came to my rescue the next morning. Scarred me for life."

I felt terrible... but I also shamelessly cracked a grin because it reminded me of my younger days. I remembered my first year of college, when Brad and I got so high we accidentally drove our brand new Porsche into the campus hedge sculptures. This caused a scene and somehow the Dean had gotten a hold of our mother that same night (that snitch).

We ended up getting our asses chewed out by mother as soon as she pulled up to that campus with rollers still set in her hair, and a robe on. We had successfully woken the devil up at an unrighteous hour.    

Brad and I were dubbed "Hedge Funds" for the remainder of our college career. Of course no one had known Brad was my actual brother, everyone assumed we were just as close as best friends could get.

Shortly after college, Brad got into law school and became a noob.

If you ask me, it was mother's doing.

She had somehow managed to convince him that giving up his life of freedom and expression, for law, was the only right thing to do.

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