Chapter 14

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Kyle's POV

"Why did she have to cry?!"  Kyle ran his hands over his face in frustration.
His reaction to her outburst unerved him, the moment he saw her cry it was as though he acted upon instinct and drew her into his arms. It felt natural, like it was his second nature to protect her.

Stranger still was her reaction, she physically relaxed in his arms and jusding by her facial expression as he pulled away, she was just as confused as he was. Why did he do it?? Why couldn't he just act cold towards her in that moment, or walk away as soon as the tears started to fall. The pained expression on her beautiful face did something to his heart, it actually hurt to see her so upset and that he could not handle. He did not need this right now. He had specifically told God he wanted nothing to do with Valeria Jones. And why on earth was he calling her beautiful? He was not attracted to her....she is not his type...right?

He continued his inner debate for some hours, until he realized that he uncosciously walked all the way back to Valeria's and was standing outside her apartment door. Before he had enough time to figure out how and why he found himself there, the door opened and Daphne Valeria's roomate stood infront of him.

"oh, hey Kyle! I haven't seen you around here in a while. Did you and Val finally make up? That's great because she has been quite low since your falling out. She's in her room you can go right in, I'm just heading out for a while. See ya later!"

she spoke so fast and all at once that Kyle had no chance to respond before she had led him in and walked out the door.

"Daphne?" Valeria called from her room.

"Now what?" Kyle wondered anxiously, what explanation he could possibly give for being in her apartment.

Before he had a chance to think, Valeria walked out of her room bleary eyed from sleep

"I was having that weird dream again and I thought i heard you talking to someone, but I wasn't sure if I was drea..." she stopped mid sentence, her eyes widening then narrowed.

"what are you doing here?" she was still somewhat annoyed with their encounter earlier that day.

"hi, I thought we could get a headstart on our assignment" Kyle said internally proud of himself for dodging a very awkward bullet.

"oh, alright then" she said rubbing her eyes, she looked so exhuasted kyle noted really looking at her properly for the first time in weeks. She had dark circles under her eyes, clearly he was not the only one who had been struggling with sleep.

"what?" she askes suspiciously

"you're exhausted" Kyle noted matter-of-factly

"great observation captain obvious" she retorted grumpily and Kyle stiffled a smile, she  had always been super sarcastic when she was tired

"are you not getting enough sleep?" Kyle asked looking around the apartment knowing his question may get another sarcastic response, he was not prepared for the answer he got.

"I keep getting the same weird dream over and over, so my sleep is never restful" she said her mind clearly elsewhere. Causing Kyle's head to snap in her direction in shock, a chill ran down his spine.

"what happens in this dream?" he asked trying his best to ease the tension in his voice but failling to causing Valeria to snap back into reality.

"oh, nothing relevant" she said with a wave of her hand in an attempt to look unfazed.

"let's just get started on our assignment, we should do as much research as we can today" she said, changing the subject.

And that is what they did for three hours, working in silence with the only sounds filling the room where the sounds of them typing and clicking on their laptops.

Kyle noticed that he could not hear any typing from Valeria and looked up to see her fast asleep, laptop on her lap. He resisted the urge to wipe away a loose strant of hair that had fallen across her face. Disturbed by the stirring of emotions he felt looking at her, he decided to call it a night.

He got up and tapped her shoulder, she groaned and groggily. Looked up at him
"Its getting late, I'm going to head home now" he said.

"alright" she said sleepily.

Once he had packed up his stuff and headed out the door he turned to leave then stopped, Valeria looked at him with a raised eyebrow in question. He tossed a canister of pills in her direction.

"here, take these sleeping pills they've been helping me sleep. Those pills, they are pretty strong so only take the recommended dosage. I'll be here tomorrow at noon to continue working on our projects" with that, he turned and left leaving Valeria looking at the pills in her hand.

Kyle woke up early, he slept surprisingly well comsidering he didnt have the sleeping pills. He showered and got ready to head to Valeria's, strange, he had not heard from her all morning. He had texted he to remind her he was coming over, and had gotten no response. That was unlike her, she was usually good with replying promptly to messages.

"she was probably busy and forgot to check her phone" he reasoned and yet he had an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach which caused him to walk a little faster. The uneasy feeling only grew when he kept knocking and no one came to the door. Relief flooded him when Daphne opened the door ten minutes later, only to return when she said she had not seen or heard any sound come from Valeria's room since last night.

Without thinking, he ran to her room, opened the door and found Valeria in bed, very still.

"you idiot, how many sleeping pills did you take?!" he practically screamed while he spent 5 minutes trying to get her to wake up. Thankfully, she eventually opened her eyes. She was very drowsy and kept slipping in and out of consciousness. Daphne called the ambulance while Kyle prayed more intensely than he had in months.

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