04 - Admirable Desire

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“I don’t like him”


And, Jin was left there in front of the lift with keys in his hand. Jin, then press the up button and wait for the lift. When he arrive at the third floor, Jin walks slowly in the hallway searching for his dorm, 104. When he found the dorm, he quietly open the door using the keys that Sejin gave just now, hoping that if the other members are sleeping they will not wake up from the noise he makes. He succeed opening the door with barely noise at all.

Jin can hear the other members are talking. So, they are not sleeping. Jin slowly and quietly takes off his shoes and walks closer. Honestly, the dorm is quiet nice, not so small yet not so big. In front of the front door, there is another door six feet apart. Probably a bedroom and besides the front door is where the kitchen is located, if Jin walks further, there’s a living room and another rooms. Judging by the sound of the other members, sure they are in the living room because the sound of their talking is not so clear from the front door.

After taking of his shoes quietly, Jin walks slowly and calmly closer to them. When Jin was about to reach the kitchen, Jin hears something making him stop moving barely few steps ahead the front door. Something not so nice to his ears.

“I don’t like him”

“Who does? The management is really sick in their mind. This whole this is so unbelievable. So ridiculous”

“Someone get kicked out. Someone with experience get kicked out but someone with barely anything got in. Minjae get kicked out because he didn’t ‘pass’ their expectation and this new kid, with nothing get to replace Minjae”

“If they are going to kick Minjae, there is no need to add a new kid. Adding a new kid into this thing is definitely the stupidest thing ever. How unfair, in the middle of the competition someone get in and on top of that, someone already left because of this damn competition.”

“He got no shame at all. Agreeing to join the competition even though the competition already started way before he joined”

“I give up. I don’t care whatever happened anymore. This whole thing is giving me more headaches, more burdens, more stress and more things to think”

Truth to be told, Jin didn’t know anything at all. What competition? Who is Minjae? Why did nobody tell him anything? The staffs didn’t tell Jin anything at all. They didn’t say that he need to join a competition. They just said that he will become a trainee and join the other seven trainees in practicing. In ‘practicing’, not the competition.

Namjoon sees Jin freeze at the front door when he was about to enter his room, right in front of the front door. He notice the man not moving at all. When their eyes meet, Jin didn’t say anything. He just stay quiet, smiling awkwardly and not moving. Namjoon ignore him and went inside his room, closing the door a bit loud. Jin sighs and walks closer to the living room where the other members are.

When Jin is closer to them his phone rings. He quickly takes his phone out from his sweater pocket and answer the phone call, ignoring the other members who are watching him.

“Jin, you didn’t forgot right?”

“Huh?” Jin replies to the phone, in his confused state.

“Your appointment.”

“Ohhhh, right. I’m sorry, I’ll be on my way there now” Jin says to the phone before cutting off the phone call.

He then put back his phone into the pocket and scan through the whole dorm, searching for his things. There it is, right beside the television cabinet. He ignore all the weird feeling of the members watching him and continue his movement, kneeling on the floor and opening his bag, searching for his thing. When he got the thing he is searching, he then put it in his pocket and walks away from the living room.

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