02 - Tears of Failure

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“No. I won’t cry anymore. Don’t chase them. I’ll be okay” Jungkook says.


A contract. An official contract as an artist. Namjoon takes his time and read the paper carefully for everything and finally he sign the paper.

When Namjoon is back to their practice room, he can see all of them still practicing. His guiltiness is still there when he watch his friends practicing with sweats dripping down on their skin. Desperate. All of them are desperate for debuting. All of them carry their own burden.


The day of their first evaluation day. They were randomly picked of who to perform first in front of the up ranking staffs including Bang Sihyuk himself. The first one to perform is Jung Hoseok. The other trainees sit onto the floor at the corner of the practice room waiting for their turn while watching Hoseok. Not only Hoseok feel the pressure but also all of them feel the pressure. Heart beating fast, a bit shaking but overall, they put on their confident mask and just do their own task.

Awe. They were struck with awe by the time Hoseok is performing in front of them. Yoongi. Yoongi wonder where the hell that all those energy Hoseok get come from because he himself never got the same energy as Hoseok. Hoseok, Hoseok has the quality of being the main dancer by his energy, his passion and his body movements.

When Hoseok finished performing, the other trainees take their turn. Hoseok, Namjoon, Taehyung, Minjae, Yoongi, Hyosang, Jungkook and lastly Jimin.

When Jungkook is performing his dance cover, all of them are completely froze, all of them are completely speechless because they wonder, when they are around Jungkook’s age, what had they done to themselves? This kid, this little maknae is sure has a lot of things in himself. Although he is the youngest out of all of them, this kid is not joking at all. The loudest claps were given to Jungkook of course because Jungkook completely blow their mind, struck them with his beautiful dance cover. Then, Jimin takes his turn.

By the time all of them finished performing their own dance cover. All of them sit onto the floor at the corner of the practice room while watching those up ranking staffs discussing about something. Probably the ranking of them, who got the first place and who got the last place. When the up ranking staffs finished discussing all eight of them line up in front of the staffs and patiently wait for their ranking.

A mind trick. The staff didn’t announce the ranking from the first to the last. He only tell them the lowest. Jungkook and Yoongi. Jungkook and Yoongi got the lowest rank. A mixture of feelings. The last words from the staff is

“Do your best on your next evaluation. The last chance. And you guys-” the staff pointed out to the other members,

“just because we didn’t name you for this evaluation don’t take it easy, you might also be the one who got the lowest rank on the next evaluation day. There’s no time to joke around. The entertainment industry out there is not a place for the weak, and it is not your playground”

Then all of the staffs walk out of the room. Jungkook broke down right after the staffs left the practice room with tears fluttering out of his eyes, hip cupping, sobbing and crying of course. The hyungs feel sorry about the youngest. What is wrong? What is wrong with Jungkook’s performance? As far as all of them know, Jungkook completely blow out with his performance. No mistake at all, not even the smallest mistake. What could be wrong?

A cruel entertainment industry after all. Those staffs didn’t even mention anything about their performance. They didn’t even mention about any mistakes and they didn’t praise them either. Protective hyungs. Few of them were about to walk out of the room, catching up with the staffs wanting to ask about what is wrong with Jungkook’s performance but of course Jungkook didn’t allow that. The youngest quickly grabs the hyungs’ hand and muttering a slow ‘No’ in between his sobbing.

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