01 - Starting Point

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After all, they are on their own legs, there is no need for a leader because they are not in group competition.


Bighit Entertainment. An entertainment company established in 2005. A not so small yet not so large entertainment company. The company is not either a mid size company, just a small company without any proper basis to start with. Currently holding an artist, Lee Hyun who debuted two years after the company was establish and some male trainees for their up coming first male group. An idol group of course.

Lee Hyun is currently the only artist who is actively promoting and making some profit for the company, barely enough for the artist himself, the staffs and the company let alone to provide the good environment and facilities to their trainees. Bighit did try to debut more artist under their name but their biggest problem every time they decided to debut someone was money. It was always money. 

It took Bighit two years to debut Lee Hyun their one and only artist because of their financial problem. Years after that, each debut planning they decided has been put to delay until unfortunately those who set to debut left the company because they have either give up on their dream or they left the company for other entertainment company to seek for another opportunity to further their dream.

Eight. Only eight trainees left in the company, still believing Bighit to further their dream. Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Kim Namjoon, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, Jin Hyosang and Lee Minjae. Those eight trainees still didn’t lose their hope in the company.

Years after years passed, after the first artist under Bighit Entertainment debuted and finally now, in 2011, the company saved enough money to debut another artist. An idol group consist of seven members for the final line up.

On July, the chief executive officer himself come to the only practice room in the company, announcing the news, directly from his mouth to the eight trainees, making all of them happy to the boot.

“I will only talk this for once so listen carefully. We decided and planned for you guys to debut after years of planning. A male group. However, there are few things all of you need to do and take action to stamp yourself a spot in the group. The group will consist of seven members or less. I don’t know who they are. You, yourself will decide the final line up for this group”

“Each month or every two weeks you will be given a task to do. I will say, it is depends on the management team for your task, there might be a task every week. Every task and the time is depend on the management team. The task will consist either dancing, singing, rapping, composing or lyrics writing. This is basically a survival for you. Make yourself a spot in this group. That’s all for today, I hope everyone of you give your best”

That is the words that come out from the chief executive officer, Bang Sihyuk himself to the boys. Happy? Sad? What are they supposed to feel about this announcement? All eight of them started their trainee years almost together, almost at the same time two years ago and now they are competing with each other for a spot in the group. One of them will eventually lose. One of them will eventually leave them.

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