Chapter 35: Kat

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*Mature Content Ahead*


"We really appreciate you giving your statement and answering our questions, Ms. Sanders. I know it's been a long and emotionally trying day for everyone."

The man who called himself Sergeant Miller continued to say things, but I stopped listening a long time ago. I stopped functioning as a proper person hours ago. How can any human function at full capacity when half of their heart is dead on a bedroom floor miles away?

A profound hollowness was stuck in the middle of my chest now and I instinctively knew it would live with me for the rest of my life; my life which isn't even worth a fraction of the life that was lost in place of it. My fucking pathetic excuse of a life.

The hollow ache was a part of me. It was the part of me that used to be filled with Blake. His energy, his smiles, his dark humor and everything else that he was made up of used to reside in that portion of my soul and in 21 years it had never felt so full.

Now, Blake was gone and so was the fullness.

The emptiness left from its disappearing act was agonizing and astounding. It was astoundingly agonizing.

"Ms. Sanders?"

My eyes were heavy but I still lifted them to focus on the man across the table.

"I'm almost done, I swear. Just a few more clarifications and then you're free to go."

The word 'free' stuck out to me like bright red, sore thumb. I was free in the literal sense after five weeks of trying and plotting to escape. I was free from that house. I was free from the threats of being sold or raped or killed or all three. I was free in all of the literal ways I wanted to be and had been striving for.

Yet, I'd never felt more trapped in my entire life.

"Now, we were able to make several arrests at the house you were being kept at, but you referred to someone named Ray in your statement that we haven't been able to pin down. Would you have any ideas to where this Ray fella might be?"

I shook my head with as much energy as I had left- which was next to none.

He sounded disappointed as he mumbled under his breath and scribbled something down on the papers in front of him. We'd been in here for what had to have been almost two hours by that point and so far, Sergeant Archie Miller hadn't told me anything I didn't already know or just didn't care about.

The tip of my pointer finger ran across the stiff edges of the T-shirt I'd been given after some officer took the shirt I was wearing when I arrived at the police station. It was being used as evidence apparently since it was smeared with blood.

Blake's blood.

They had taken swabs of the blood that leaked and dried through my fingers and also of the inside of my mouth. They took pictures of me, they prodded at me, and to top it all off asked if I needed a rape kit done.

I vehemently refused against their insistence to get it done 'just to be on the safe side'.

"Okay," the man across the table sighed and shuffled his papers together. "Well, the good thing is that your and Dominic Reed's story match up pretty evenly pertaining to the events that went down in that room. These things tend to get a bit sticky when only two out of five people walk out of a room alive."

"Will Dominic be charged with Heather or her mom's death?"

Sergeant Miller's expression softened and after a beat, he shook his head. "Every shot he fired was in defense. If he didn't shoot, they would have and it's possible that no one would have walked out of that room."

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