Part 18

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"Damn it!!", Arnav threw the phone.

Khushi jerked for a while looking at his anger level. Khushi had no idea about the reason for his anger. She gently moved towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"What happened? Why are you so pissed off? " she asked.

Arnav sat on the recliner, rubbing his forehead.

"Do you remember about the continuous phone calls which Shyam had been getting?"

Khushi nodded her head affirmatively. Arnav sighed.

"It was from the bank manager. My doubt was wrong. He is being very smart this time. He has calculated his moves very well. He is leaving no clue about the kidnapper" Arnav said in a barely audible tone. He never felt so helpless before.

Khushi gulped her throat. She didn't want to fall weak now. Arnav sensed that this news must have upset her. He took her palms in his.

"They are safe, and I promise that I'll bring them back safe" He assured.

"We'll " she corrected.

"Huh? "

"We'll bring them back safely, Arnavji " she said with determination.

"What's the update about Shyam? " he asked.

Khushi folded her arms.

"He is falling into the trap Arnav ji. He will stop this marriage, we just need to wait and watch. He will himself solve our problems."

"Shyam isn't trustworthy. We need to be very careful" Arnav warned her.

"I've taken care of that. "

"How? " He asked curiously.

"Money plays a very important role in our lives Arnavji! " Khushi gave a sarcastic smile.


"Jijaji? " Lavanya was startled to see him at this hour outside her room. It was midnight. She yawned.

Shyam made sure that no one saw him coming here. He immediately locked the room's door. Lavanya frowned.

"What's wrong jijaji? "

"Lavanya ji, did you withdraw money from our joint account today? " He asked. Looking at his face she realized that he wasn't in a good mood.

"Did you disturb my sleep to just ask this? " Lavanya was frustrated.

"I wanted to ask this the very next moment I got a message on my phone, but you know that we can't talk too much in public" Shyam was extremely furious.

"Yes I did" she said. She was irritated now. "Why are you so furious? It's my account as well. I can take as much as amount as I want. Don't forget that I was the one to deposit more amount in the account. " Lavanya said angrily.

Shyam fisted his hands.

"You know that we don't have enough money to pay to the kidnappers. Don't you? How couldn't you think about that? What was the necessity to withdraw money from our account? "

"I had to purchase sari for the wedding" Lavanya crossed her arms.

Shyam gritted his teeth.

"Shaadi ka kharcha toh ladke waale utha rahe hai na, toh aapko dene ki kya zarurat padi? "


"Didi, a guy brought this for you. Here is the bill" HP told Lavanya.

It was her wedding sari. Khushi was also present in the living room when this was going on.

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