Chapter 20 - Walk This Way, Talk This Way

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I'm not sure, but I think J'onn is going around sprinkling some kind of magical glamor dust on us as he flies over us in owl form. Why else do people not seem to pay attention to us as we make our way back to the DEO? Besides that it's National City and weird shit goes down every day in this town, no matter which Earth you're on.

Hell, there's only one noun to which I'm paying attention, and that's Donna. One thing I'm sure of is that Kara's side-eyeing me for checking Donna out, but I can't help myself. Even when she's walking like a perfectly normal millennial girl out Christmas shopping, she draws my eyes all over. Gods damn me, I'm a fucking pervert, but after years of having nobody to really attract me, it's most refreshing to feel free to lust. That, plus I'm pretty sure that when I figured out how to jerk off, the Luthors collected my sperm the first chance they got. There'll probably be clones of me running around other Earths, including the one where they kept me, any day now.

Up in DEO headquarters, I try to stay back from Donna because by now I'm sure she's also become aware of me checking her out. She'll probably kick my ass for it in three, two, one...

"Hey, Conner."

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Espresso cubano!"


I blush so hard I'm ready to catch fire, especially because Donna can't stop smiling at me like a fool. Or, more accurately, like I'm the fool. "What'd I say?"

"You realize we made our coffee orders, like, an hour ago? Plus I don't think that place does cubano. Most don't."

"Oh really? I'm on the wrong Earth, then. Where I'm from, cubano is, like, the drink of choice."

"And here the drink of choice is the Flash," says Donna with a small titter. "You've met him, right? Gods, he's hot."

I look around, as if expecting to see my cousin. "Don't say that in front of Kara. She's been known to throw people off the balcony for eyeballing her man."


"Yeah, she did that to me the first day she met me." Okay, total lie, but what better way to slip a coming out into the conversation?

"I dunno which sounds more accurate to my brand, though," Donna says. "Me being thrown off the balcony for checking out a cute guy, or me appreciating a cute girl doing the throwing." She chuckles softly, folding her hands together as if she's holding an imaginary espresso cup between them. "Assuming a strictly hetero context for the couple doing the 'getting checked out' and the 'balcony throwing.'"

Holy shit. A bi boy crushing out on a bi girl? Call that a magical coincidence. My heart rate rests pretty low most of the time, but not right now. And neither is my mind, rushing to imagine tons of scenarios where we could just go out somewhere, maybe enjoy some espressos cubanos without worrying about superheroing around...

If you didn't know, I hate having not been together with anyone in my entire life. As petty as it may sound, it's pretty high up on my list of personal failures.

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