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My coronation was set after the coming war and my mother couldn't be happier that I would be taking over. The moment my dad announced it at the mating ball which was also Blake's birthday, I just froze like a deer caught in headlights. I wasn't expecting it cause I thought I wouldn't be taking over till I was 21 but I guess they thought I was ready. Even Grayson froze beside me as it dawned on him that he would be the next king after my dad.

My brothers and friends had laughed so much at his expression so he decided to make Drey and Drew his royal beta. Surprisingly Shawn was okay with it, he said and I quote 'Well that's a relief, I don't think I would be able to handle Royal duties.' But my precious mate only smirked at him and said 'That doesn't mean you won't have your own responsibility to follow."

Grayson decided not to wait till then so he merged the merged the Moonstone pack and the royal pack together with approval from my dad, it was going to happen sooner or later so why not now?

Back to reality, I was about to tackle Victoria to the ground when I heard silent whistle like something was flying. Since I have sharper senses, I was able to catch the arrow coming my way just in time. Everyone froze and looked at me as I held the arrow laced in silver in my hands.

Not many people know that I am not affected by silver and wolfsbane so I quickly dropped it with a hiss while creating and allusion to make it seem like I was burned. I made a quick barrier around the area in case we were suddenly attacked.

I sensed the rouge king but I stayed silent and Drew fussed and quickly wrapped a bandage around my hand so people won't see it.

I stepped forward as the warriors took their positions, they knew anything could happen since they were trained for this.

"Come our Rogue, I know you are there, you know I should really learn your name, calling you rogue is too mouthful."

I heard a sinister laugh as the man came out of the shadows while clapping his hands "I'm not surprised you noticed me but I guess even for a strong princess like you, silver also weakens you like every other werewolf." He said glancing at my bandage hand.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at him, such a fool "What do you want rouge man?" I asked.

"Well you know what I want princess, I don't know how you convinced my son to go with you but this isn't over." He said to me then turned to his son "I'm really disappointed in you Cade. We would have finally had the power we wanted."

Cade glared at him as he pulled Priscilla behind him making his father narrow his eyes at them "I don't want anything to do with you father, you have always been power hungry all your life, you made our former Alpha kick us out of the pack because you didn't want to obey orders from anyone. And you wanted me to mate with someone that isn't mine? Wow dad wow."

His father sneered as I saw a dark smoke coming from behind him towards Cade, I know he didn't come alone cause I already sensed his witch before placing the barrier around everyone. The smoke bounced off the barrier before disappearing and I could see his witch was shocked cause she kept looking around to see who had caused it.

"I can't believe you chose this servant when you can have real power Cade, you were always like your mother, so narrow minded without a good plan for their future."

"I will never be like you father, I know what the Joy of having a mate is so you can just forget about all this or I will kill you myself if you try harming anyone. This people showed me what it felt like to have a family and that is something you have never done." Cade growled out.

I walked towards him and placed a hand on his shoulder, he was close to losing control and I don't want that. A calming spell is always reading in my mind, that is how I was taught.

"This isn't over princess, if my son can't man up then I will have you myself. See you on the day of the blue moon." And like that he disappeared.

I clapped and faced everyone "Who wants ice cream?"

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