Chapter - 3

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Poking his nose in the case file of missing karan, Neil took one sip of the coffee in police station. 'ahh' He hissed as soon as the hot coffee touched his tongue. Immediately he recalled a moment.

Avni: gussa chodo bhi neil!

Neil took the blanket covering his pouty face and said nothing in reply while Avni kept on pacifying him. Placing the coffee mug near the lamp, she tried to uncover his face from the blanket smiling.

Avni: areee baba! Kareena ne nahi roka hota toh main aa jati na, usse kaise mana karti?

Neil: No. You promised to come on time, and then you spoilt our date! Mene na tumse baat hi nahi karni.

Avni: Ab toh main aa gayi naa, why are ignoring me now!

Neil said nothing and gets up to a sitting position with his pouty face. Avni shook her head smiling, and forwarded the coffee mug and started arranging the cupboard.

Neil: agar main nahi aata date per, abtak toh maharani ne pura ghar sar par utha lena tha... Ki neil ke mere pass time nahi he.. Wagera wagera!

Avni: I heard you!

Neil mimicked her and sipped the coffee.
He winced as soon as he sipped the coffee, it was so tepid. "Shhhh" he started breathing with mouth with wish tongue a little outside the lips.

Avni: neil kya hua?

Avni ran towards him and cupped his face with concern.

Neil: ga... gar.. Garam tha.

And she slightly touched his lips with hers. It was slow and soft, comforting. Her hand rested below his ear, Neil slowly wrapped his hand around her waist with his thumb caressing her cheek as their breaths mingled.
The pulled away, avni blushes escaping his eyes. Neil raised her face a little by her chin. She could feel the beating of his heart against her chest.

Avni: ab bhi jal raha he?

Neil: haan.

Neil says with his husky voice, avni giggles. The next moment, he had slammed his lips to her and nearly knocked all wind from her lungs.

"Sir! Neil sir!!" Neil came back to his sense after DD had called him at the top of his lungs. Neil blinks and looke here and here, and then tries to behave to normal

Neil: Haan. Sorry?

DD: Sir, file.

No matter how much he tried, he could not let avni out of his mind. The gap just can't be filled by by work or distractions. Neil clasp the photo of her on his table, tears gathering behind his eyes. She was smiling. Why not? It was from their honeymoon and she was being all goofy goofy. He briskly wipe the tears from his eyes, the memory still fresh in my mind. How he wish, avni had them too.

All those people Avni knew in those two years were restricted to meet her, or even come in front of her. The Doctor said that pressure on her brain cause further damage.


Just Another day for avni, she was busy in a book, 'the power of now' the book was a bit old and heavy, the cover felt soft and delicate as she ran his fingers over it. She was in the garden at that time, though she was reading the book, a part of her mind was flying to her phone, what if Ali calls.

The book made her think about her NOW, she should stop thinking about what happened in those years, she should concentrate on her present, not even future. Her present was Ali, who was testing her patience now. But poor avni didnot know it was Neil, her past present and future. Do you believe in destiny? I do. Neil do. Avni did.

Suddenly Avni caught a sight of a injured cat struggling to cross the road, worried if the cat gets hit by a car or something, Avni  walked fast towards the street.

It was day time and Neil was passing by Neela's house. He speed up. As usual he was so lost he didn't notice the slippery area of the road.

Avni ran to the cat across the road, hey! He heard a scream of a girl and boom! After that it was all a blur.

Neil found himself lying in the middle of the road and crowd around him watching him and heard the a buzz. He tried to get up but he miserably failed. Yet he denied the help of the crowd, and somehow started walking ignoring everybody. He felt immense pain in his left hand. After some struggling, he managed to stand and a took a few steps. A deep wound was sliced in his upper right arm. He lightly pressed his index finger against the center of the cut and headed towards his bike, leaving the crowd behind.

But he couldnt reach the bike, his leg started to pain like hell, he closed his eyes shut and he lost control and patience. He was just about to fell down, two soft hand grabbed his arm. That touch was enough to let him know who it was. All his thoughts stopped as if his heart took over his mind. Neil found avni holding his shoulder tightly. She winched at the view of his cut on the arm, standing just in front of him. The simple touch sent a wave of butterflies coursing through his veins.

Avni looked up to his face. She blinked and observed his face when he looks into her eyes. She saw the shock register on Neil face before he could hide it. As if a small smile played on her lips, her eyes sparkled as she was about to say something.

But Neil let go of her support furiously and tried walking as fast as he could in that condition, the fear was greater than the pain.

Avni: Neil, ruko?!

He stopped. His heart stopped. He could barely breathe. His head turned to her side, his eyes shifting from the ground to Avni. She grins brightly.


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