43: Holy Sh*t

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Wesley sat watching Scott with wide eyes as his father spoke infront of the classroom, his eyes briefly glancing towards Wesley every few minutes while the mock courtroom continued.
Wesley, having demanded to go with Scott to school, was sat at a desk with Scott's phone and colored pencils and papers infront of him on the table. He had his arm around his stuffed bear, holding his close against his chest, as he watched Scott speak. When the blonde finished, Wesley waved to his dad and earned chuckles from the adults in the room.
Scott smiled and waved back before focusing on the next person who was talking.
Nearly ten minutes later, Wesley slid from the chair and waddled up to Scott, tugging on his pant leg and motioning him down.
"What's up, handsome?" He asked, lowering his voice as he went eye level with his son. "You okay?"
Wesley nodded, hugging his bear close, "Potty?"
"You have to go to the bathroom?" Wesley nodded again and Scott glanced back to his professor, earning a nod as she assured him he was allowed to step out whenever he needed to, to care for his son. "Thank you," Scott picked Wesley up and grabbed his cellphone before leaving the classroom and walking down the hall to the bathroom.
"Daddy win?" Wesley asked, holding onto Scott's collar.
"Not yet," Scott chuckled, opening the family restroom and setting Wesley on his feet. "It's a single stall, buddy, so I'll wait out here for you, okay? Here, give me teddy," Wesley nodded and Scott closed the door behind him, making sure to keep the door handle pointed down incase Wesley were to get locked inside.
While he waited, Scott unlocked his phone and clicked onto his Instagram app. When the page reloaded, a new post from Mitch appeared at the top and Scott couldn't hide his smile if he tried.
The photo was of a mirror selfie Mitch had taken of the three of them the morning of. Scott was clad in his usual suit and tie for class, Wesley had his braced wrist against his chest and Mitch was wearing his usual attire of yoga pants and a flowing purple top. The three were all posing- Wesley was grinning, Scott was looking at Mitch's phone with a smile and Mitch was fully smiling-, and Scott made a mental reminder to get the photo printed because he wanted to hang it up at home.
He liked the photo and commented under it, before continuing to scroll through the app.
The next post was Kevin's and it was an image of one of the many dishes Kevin was so talented at preparing. The next few photos belonged to Scott's classmates and just as he was about to close the app, Scott saw Kirstie's newest post.
She was sitting next to Kevin with his arm around her waist and his lips against her head. Scott liked the photo, and left a comment under it, before he gently tapped on the bathroom door.
"Buddy? You almost done in there?"
"Yeah!" Wesley called back. "Daddy, I can't reach the sink,"
Scott chuckled and opened the bathroom door, closing it behind him as he lifted Wesley up and held him as the toddler washed his hands. "All done?"
"Yeah!" Wesley chirped, following Scott out of the bathroom and grabbing his hand to lead him towards where he thought the classroom was.
"One more door down, buddy," Scott chuckled, picking Wesley up and carrying him into the room. He set his son down at his table and ruffled his hair before getting back into place with his team, thanking them and their professor for excusing him.

A few hours later and Scott and Wesley were walking back towards Scott's car, the toddler carrying his dad's textbook because he wanted to help.
Scott lifted the toddler into his car seat and as soon as he buckled him in, his phone vibrated in his pocket.
"Ah, dangit," Scott mumbled, dropping his keys when he went to fish out his phone. After a moment, he was sat in the car and was about to pull out of the campus when his phone went off again, reminding him he missed a call.
He glanced down at it and waited until they were at a stop sign before he unlocked his phone and connected it to his car speakers. He answered the call and nearly jumped out of his seat when he heard Mitch's frantic voice through the line.
"Babe- Baby, what's wrong?" Scott asked, trying to make out Mitch's words. "Baby-"
"Get your— hospital. Now." Mitch breathed out, his voice causing Wesley to look up curiously, "Baby is coming."
Scott's eyes widened, "Holy shit."


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