2 - Trick or Treat, Freak : Part 3

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Mike, Gabbie and Will made it back to the Wheeler household in one piece. Will had come out of shock and started to calm down again, while Gabbie still had a slight headache.

On her walk back to the Wheeler house she thought of how Mike held her. She had missed it. She missed talking to him, she missed being with him, she missed him. She wanted to make things up with him, and she was certain about that. What Gabbie didn't know is that Mike felt the same way. When he saw Gabbie in pain all his anger just left him and he let himself, be himself, he let himself care, he let down the walls to help his once crush. Both children missed each other, deeply, and they had no idea how to fix their relationship.

All 3 of them sat in the Wheeler's basement waiting for 9:00 when Jonathan would pick the Byers up. All of them emptied out their pillowcase and starting eating the candy o make themselves feel better. Gabbie just sat back and watched the boys, she didn't want to eat, she just there and closed her eyes trying not to think of her headache.

Gabbie decided o get up and walk to the bathroom in the basement. She closed the door behind her as she walked up to the basin and mirror, she looked in the mirror and she could see bags under her eyes, as Will always has nightmares which keeps her awake at night, she doesn't want to say anything as she doesn't want to make Will worry, but she rarely got sleep.

Gabbie washed her face with cold water, trying to stop the headache, she then cupped her hands and filled it up with water as she had a sip. She left the water go, turned off the tap and wiped her face. She looked around the room and reminded all the memories in this basement, she hand't been now here since last Christmas Eve. As she was remembering the old times she heard a knock on the door, Gabbie looked at it confused thinking why would Will need her. She walked over to the door and opened it thinking to find Will but instead finding Mike standing there.

"What do you want Wheeler?"

"I want to say sorry"

Gabbie looks at him in a confused manner.

"What?" She questions him. Mike looks behind him seeing Will nod his head, Mike looked back at Gabbie as he walked in the bathroom with her and closed the door, giving them both privacy. Gabbie hadn't been alone in a room with Mike since that time last year.

"Look" Mike says to her then stops trying to think of the best way to put it "I uh, I need to say sorry" he says looking at the wall, Gabbie looks right at him.

"What are you sorry for? Why are you trying to be nice to me? You haven't said one nice thing to me all year, yet tonight you compliment me, help me and say sorry, what am I meant to make of that?" Gabbie questions him, this makes Mike look her in the eyes, which catches her off guard, looking into his eyes again completely changed her mood, those eyes reminded her all of the good time, she reminded her of love.

"I know, it's just" he stops and takes a breathe as he sits on the toilet seat before looking up at her again with tears brimming his eyes "I really am sorry, for last year, what I did" Gabbie stood there in shock.

"You kissed her Mike" Gabbie whispered to him, tears also trying to fight their way out of her eyes. That was the first time she had said his name out loud in a year.

"I know" Mike says looking down

"Why, that's all I want to know Mike, that's all I've ever wanted to know, is why you kissed her?" Gabbie asks him getting her knees to be the same height as him.

Mike breathed in deeply "I kissed her because, I was scared, I was scared because I was so madly in love with you that I felt I shouldn't of fallen that easy, I kissed her because I loved you so much, I didn't want to go through heartbreak if you didn't love me the same way, I kissed her because I thought I might lose you" He explains to her. He sniffs as he wipes his tears away which were slowly falling down his face, some falling onto the ground. Gabbie didn't know how to react.

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