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Jennie PoV

It was Monday and I'm sitting in my dads office texting Jisoo. She can't wait to come over here tomorrow so she can see Rose that girl is so whipped.

YG: so Jennie how was Lisa

There's so many ways I can answer that.

Jennie: she's really good I enjoy her lessons

She's good at a lot of things and I enjoy it a LOT.

YG: are you going to show me what Lisa has been teaching you

Em HELL NO it's impossible and I 100% sure you'll be so mad.

Jennie: I'm not good at dancing yet

YG: that's ok if you want to quit it I already knew dancing wasn't your thing

Jennie: I'm not quitting dad I want more lessons what is Lisa doing Right now.

YG: she's teaching some important clients right now so you can't have a lesson

I roll my eyes who is she teaching

Jennie: who is Lisa's important client dad

My dad looked at a paper for a second on his desk

YG: Momo from twice and you can't go down there until she's finished her lesson with Momo which is in an hour

Ugh well that's great I hate Momo there's rumours that her and Lisa are more then dance coach and student and it makes me want to go down to there lesson to see what there doing. Don't get me wrong Momo is nice but whoever flirts with my lili is an enemy.

Jennie: ok I'll go down in exactly an hour

I smile at my dad and he just nodded and got on with his work.

But I can't let go of the fact that Lisa is with another very attractive girl.

Jennie: dad...

YG: yes Jennie

My father says while still looking at his computer.

Jennie: I heard rumours about Lisa and Momo

he looked at me with a confused expression

YG: Jennie Lisa knows she can't sleep with clients or fool around with them she's a good girl she follows the rules.

I chuckle Yh she's a REALLY good at following rules she's employee of the century at this point.

YG: and I already talked to both of them and they both said the rumours are nothing they are just friends and have a professional relationship

My dad says while typing I rolled my eyes Yh real professional if most of there dancing are grinding and touching each other's butts.

Jennie: that's good to hear

YG: why are you so interested in what Lisa does nowadays anyways you never used to ask about her this much

Shoot was I being to obvious

Jennie: it's just Lisa seems like one of the best dancers and I'm fascinated with her dancing that's all.

Please buy my excuse I look at my phone avoiding my fathers look

YG: well she is an amazing dancer and people do love watching her even if they don't want to dance with her so I don't blame you for being a fan of her.

I'm more than a fan father believe me.

Lisa PoV

Me and Momo have finished our dance lesson and we were all sweaty and breathing heavily.We walked to the back and drank some water.

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