Chapter 1; Now

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June 2013
She could hear yodeling from the women Downstairs and she knew it has been solemnized. She's officially someone's legally wedded wife and it's too late to step back now.

Minal was the first to wrap her Hands around her congratulating her to which she forced a smile. Soon, Series Of Congratulations Were passed around and she kept smiling.

She tried to smile sincerely but how could she when she was broken on the inside? She weeps yet she mask it up with a smile as everyone around her celebrated her Marriage.

Hayaat Marked 18th June to be the worst day of her life since she was given birth to. Getting suffocated in the room, She whispered to Minal to help her get out of the room because she needs Air before she blacks out.

"Everyone is downstairs and the rooms are filled to the brim,There's no way out Hayaat" Minal explained and she felt her heart hammering against her chest.

She kept Mum and could hear all the talks when the door Opened and A lady stepped inside along with two of her friends. Hayaat looked up to see her heavenly dressed in a Golden Brocade sewn into an elegant gown and Gold accessories Adorning her hands, Neck and Ears.

Everybody watched silently as she Went to where Hayaat was sitting down on the bed and sat beside her.

"Get ready for Hell on Earth" She whispered into Hayaat's Ear before releasing her from her hold smiling "Congratulations Amaryan mu (Our Bride)"

Hayaat puts on a smile And thanked her before she left along with her friends saying they have to go and greet the elders. Minal saw through her facade and after the ladies vacated the room saying they will go and get food, She got the chance to talk to her Sister.

"What did she say?"

"Get ready for Hell on earth" Hayaat Muttered, fiddling with the ring around her finger "I will show her what Hell on earth looks like" She said rolling her eyes.

Minal chuckled before fist bumping her "And that's why we are sisters! Don't take shit from that excuse of a woman" Hayaat laughed heartily after Days seeing Minal's face expression as she talked about her.

"You even look better now with that real smile on your face, Your Groom will be here soon. Let me adjust your head tie for you" Minal Adjusted the slippery head tie of the Lace she was wearing.

She looked beautiful and the Black lace with Touches of Orange complimented her Light complexion. Her Face had a light makeup which fitted her perfectly.

"Hand me over my veil" She pointed across the bed where her Orange veil was Kept and Minal handed it over to.

"Take a look" Minal helped her to stand up from the Bed and she limped to the front of the mirror.

Facing her was a light skined Girl with Cat eyes and Her Carrot Nose Which stood in the middle of her petite Face and right above her small,slender Pink lips.

Her makeup was simple with a bit of highlighter here and there and her eyes have the smoky look. The Makeup artist did a good job especially with her nude lips and Untouched brows which she just brushed through.

She finally noticed the difference between her and Minal.While Minal is Chubby,She's slim and their body complexion Varies A lot. Minal was also light skinned like their parents but her Complexion seemed white almost red.

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