Chapter 2

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⚠️warning!! Slight mature content⚠️

Authors P.O.V
It's 2am and Jungkook and Taehyung are still sleeping peacefully, well Jungkook a little to peaceful. Jungkook was laying on his stomach with his arms wrapped around his pillow sleeping a lot similar as his lover. Suddenly he starts to slowly thrust his hips forward in his sleep. He continues this for a while before making unholy sounds that's gets the attention of his lover.

Taehyung's P.O.V
I was sleeping peacefully until I hear a sudden noise coming from Jungkook curious on his actions I raise my head, rub my eyes and turn on the lamp next to me. When my eyes get used to the light of the lamp I look to the side of me and I see Jungkook dry humping our comforter while moaning and that's when I realized he's having a wet dream.

Assuming he's dreaming of us together I lay down and use his sounds to my advantage. I could've just woken him up but he was sounding so helpless I didn't want to disturb him. I slowly remove my sweats following along with my boxers and start to slowly stroke my member. After awhile I notice Kookies moaning getting into a higher pitch letting me know he was near his climax so I speed up my pace listening to my baby moan "ah-ahh f-faster mmh-ahh" I hear him moan. I was nearing my climax that was until I heard kookie say something that I wasn't expecting.

"Ah-ahh j-jimin-ah I'm close"

Who the heck is Jimin? I wondered. Confused and slightly irritated I pull up my sweats and go out on the balcony for some fresh air. While on the balcony millions of thoughts are running through my head. Was he cheating? Who was this Jimin guy? And why was he dreaming of him? My thoughts were then interrupted when it began to rain, wanting to avoid getting wet I rush back inside and close the door Of the balcony. When I face the bed I noticed kookie was no longer having a wet dream and I asked myself should I wake him and ask him about it? I'll just ask him about it in the morning I tell myself just wanting a goodnight sleep.  I lay down next to him giving him a kiss on the forehead before turning the other way falling back into my slumber

Taehyung's P.O.V
I was waken up by a bright light beaming from my window annoyingly I raise from my slumber and look to the side of me noticing my baby sleeping silently the sight making me smile but soon vanish remembering what happened a few hours prior. I get up from my bed and enter the bathroom and start my everyday routine. After I was finished in the bathroom I go to my closet to choose an outfit for the day in the midst of searching I hear a ding from Jungkook's phone indicating he received a text message, not thinking anything of it I ignore it and tell myself he'll get it when he wakes up that was until there's another ding from Jungkook phone. Curious on who it was I wonder over to kookies side of the bed to retrieve his phone, I grab and unlock his phone to witness messages from


Kookieeee can we hang out today?

Kookie?? I miss hanging out with you?

Are you still sleeping?

You probably look so cute when you wake up😍
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Frustrated at the messages I toss his phone back down and make my way downstairs to gather my thoughts. when I make my way to the living room I go straight for the TV skipping breakfast since I was so upset. It's fine I tell myself I'll just ask him about this Jimin when he wakes up

Jungkook's P.O.V
I thrash around in my sleep slightly uncomfortable, wanting comfort I move a little to my left to be in tae's embrace only to realize he wasn't there. Slowly beginning to panic I hop out of bed and run downstairs only to find him watching Tv I smile at the sight in relief Only for it vanish when I notice him looking a bit upset, not knowing what's wrong I approach him.

"Good morning TaeTae"

No response

"Um I was trying to cuddle with you because I got uncomfortable but I realized you weren't there so.."

No response

"Are you ok?"

No response

"Seriously tae whats wron-"
He cut me off sounding angry but I was nearly speechless at the question he asked next.

"Who's Jimin?"

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