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warnings: smut,

sorry, but i accidentally changed ur plot a bit:*(


as a child, taehyung never really got to leave the house.

his parents, apparently both males, were strict, taehyung used to cry about not being able to leave, at which his fathers would coo and tell him that it was for his own good.

he never understood.

why was it for his own good?

"people don't like our kind, taehyung. we're dangerous."

he never even got to go to school, and as a tiger hybrid, taehyung required quite a lot of attention.

his parents, namjoon and seokjin, neglected him a lot, too.

they were barely home.

the eighteen year old cried everyday, longing for someone else's touch, and his first few heats had already passed, only for him to hurt and cry to himself.


one week later:

this was it, this was his chance.

the door, arms wide open welcoming him, was just begging for him to leave.

taehyung gulped, his parents had forgotten to lock the door after leaving for work, and to his surprise, the outside was amazing.


green grass filled the ground, instead of the usual white ones he was used to, and walls.

there were no walls.

taehyung could've cried in happiness.

refusing to let his parents control him anymore, the eighteen year old wore his hat and quickly left, running seeming just legendary.

he cried out in glee, freedom filling his head.

until he paused.

his head hurt, his tail was twitching repeatedly and though he was never told, his body knew.


his lips formed an 'o' as he came to a stop, eyes only managing to widen before he was roughly tackled to the ground by a male who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

taehyung's eyes watered at the harsh pain his back got in contact with the floor, his body not used to pain.

his hat flew off, ears springing up as he squeaked.

taehyung's eyes fluttered open, only to see another pair of fierce, jet black ones staring back at him.

instinctively, he raised his arms to push the man away by the chest, but the other not moving an inch.

"g-get off me, p-please,"he whispered, nearly being suffocated by the close proximity.

the male scoffed and did so, glaring at him.

taehyung looked at him, taking note of the other's long, fluffy ears and small stub of a tail.

how could someone so cute look so intimidating?

"u-um, what are y-you?"

the male, looking around his age, stood up, his brows furrowed."a hybrid? the fuck do you mean?"

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