A chorus of gasps echoes throughout the room, and Niall immediately turn his head to look at his brother. His expression is intense as he clearly struggles to hold back tears, he follows his gaze and finds the source of both his teary eyes and everyone’s gasps; flowing down the aisle in white, is Denise. Clutching a small bouquet of peonies, with a matching pink blush on her cheeks, she looks beautiful. He turns his attention back to Greg who is stood next to him; he has given up on holding back his tears and instead is now allowing them to slowly and silently fall down his cheeks, dissolving into his huge smile.

Niall feels familiar long fingers intertwine with his and give his hand a soft squeeze. He returns the gesture by lifting his hands to his face, brushing his lips against the back of the owner’s hand. Everyone is too busy staring at the bride to notice. He momentarily takes his attention away from the wedding and gives Liam a smile. His returning smile makes his heart flutter. Niall knows  his supposed to say that the bride is the most beautiful person at a wedding but looking at Liam right now, chocolate hair perfectly swept up, eyes shining, and a huge toothy smile, He cannot help but think that he outshines everyone here. Denise is stunning, especially today but Liam..., his perfection.

Niall beams as he watches Mr and Mrs Horan mould together as the wedding officiant announces “you may now kiss the bride”

 There is barely a dry eye amongst everyone gathered to watch Denise and Greg commit to each other. The service is sweet and tender with Denise and Greg reciting their own personal romantic vows. Everyone can clearly see how much they truly love each other and could not be any happier for the pair. They might have met at a young age but there is no contesting that they are perfect together. Niall smiles at them both as they make their way out. He stands there a smile on his face, not realising that everyone but Liam had gone out.  Liam stands in front of him and presses their foreheads together; he wipes Niall’s damp cheeks with his thumb and gives him a quick, gentle kiss.

The day passes by in whirlwind of happy tears, laughter and dancing and speeches and before anyone knows it, the hot summer day has turned into starry darkness. Niall can see Denise and Greg blissfully happy, dancing in each other’s arms under a sheet of fairy lights. He smiles to himself, extremely content that his brother and Denise have been able to share their love with everyone they hold close to them. He hopes one day he is able to share a day like this.

Niall’s happy day dreaming is suddenly interrupted.

“How about you Nialler? Can I get you another drink, or is that a stupid question?” laughs Zoe

“Pfft, damn straight!” Niall retorts laughing at Zoe. He knows everyone is aware that he likes to have a good drink. Zoe gives Niall a chuckle before pulling Connor up to help her with the drinks. Before Niall can resume to his day dream, the rest of the table that conclude of Louis, Harry and Zayn, who had come to celebrate the wedding, quickly pull him back into conversation.

 It not long before Zoe and Connor return to the table, drink trays in their hands, with a few other people trailing besides them, including Liam. Liam slinks over to Niall, standing slumped behind his hair, his arms casually thrown over Niall’s shoulder. Niall takes his drink from the tray and he subconsciously begins to trail his fingertips from his free hand and up and down his arm, settling back into the jokes circulating around the table.

After quickly downing the remainder of their drinks, Niall himself, Liam and their table of friends joined the newly- wed on the dance floor. Niall could feel the alcohol pumping around his veins, he wasn’t drunk but he wasn’t sober. He feels nicely buzzed, which makes the beat of the music vibrate his body easily. He freely throws his body around in time with the music and makes his way over to the centre of the dance floor, grabbing a drunken Harry on the way. Seeing the dance off between Harry and Niall commence.

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