Chapter 44

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Ryan•  •  •

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"Ryan wake the fuck up now!" Seth's voice ricochets through my head painfully,  successfully waking me.

What is with these two waking me up when I'm trying to sleep? Well I guess Nixon had a good reason since my brother decided to report me missing but come on, is sleep sacred to no one anymore?

"Go away." I groan into the pillow, pulling the silk sheet over my head.

"Ryan if you don't get the fuck up I will carry you out of this building naked!" Seth growls.

"Dude, shut up!" Nixon growls from the other side of the bed. "Ryan get up so he will go away, I'm trying to fucking sleep."

And I'm not?


I slowly peel myself up off the bed, bringing the sheet with me as I squint my way to the en suite. I make sure to slam the door behind me for good measure even though it makes my ears ring. I jump in the shower and wash myself with Nixon's shampoo just to get on Seth's nerves. What is he doing here anyway and why does he think he can just boss me around? Shouldn't he be in bed with Sasha instead of worrying about what I'm doing?

By the time I step out and dry off my anger has boiled to a lethal point. I frantically search through Nixon's cabinet looking for a baggy of anything but come up empty handed.


With the towel covering my body I exit the bathroom and search Nixon's messy floor for my clothes. Nixon is still passed out face first into his mattress. Lucky.

I grab my dress and bra but don't bother hunting down my panties or fishnets, Nixon can keep those. Once I'm fully dressed I stomp to the living room where Seth is pacing in front of the wall of windows that overlooks the city, clutching my purse in his fingers. I barely grab my boots from the floor when he grips my wrist and starts tugging me towards the door.

"Jesus, where's the fire?" I ask, stumbling behind him.

He jerks me inside the elevator before releasing my arm and I slip my shoes on my bare feet.

"Care to tell me what's up your ass that had you here this freaking early, yelling at me before I was even fully coherent?" I growl, crossing my arms in front of my chest.

My gut is already churning with pain and I'm itching to stop this elevator, go back to Nixon's penthouse, and take anything I can find to make it go away.

Seth taps furiously on his phone and I'm ready to smack the stupid device out of his hand when he shoves it in my face. I take it from him, look at the screen, and groan.

"What is with people posting my weekend fun on Snapchat?"

It's multiple videos. One of me snorting coke, one of me taking a drag of the blunt, and the last one looks like I'm dry humping Nixon while we make out, though you can't tell who it is I'm on top of.

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