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"Thank you, thank you so much for letting me come here

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"Thank you, thank you so much for letting me come here."

No matter how many times Laura Blake thanked him, it wouldn't be enough. The King of Wakanda had done so much for Bucky, even with what happened. And very graciously, he had allowed her to see him and stay with him. Her quinjet had landed an hour ago and from there, bagpack in hand, she was escorted by T'Challa and one of his guards towards the small hut:

"You do not have to thank me, Miss Blake," T'Challa said with the grace of a king. "It is my duty to help those who need it."

Laura stared at the ground, pushing her hair behind her ear as she walked closer and closer to seeing Bucky for the first time in what would be nearly an year. Nervousness had set it now; would he even remember her? Would he? When she looked up next, they had already arrived at the hut. She once again exchanged a grateful look towards T'Challa.

"He'll be inside," T'Challa stated. "I'll leave you to it."

"Okay," Laura nodded. "Thank you once again, your highness, for all that you've done."

"It is no trouble," T'Challa said before leaving, letting her stand all alone outside the hut, that stood in the grass plains of Wakanda. Now, Laura felt nervous and scared all at the same time. Would he know her still? Would he still have their memories? Would he...? She shook her head, clutching the strap of her bagpack tightly. 'Take a deep breath, Laura. Just take a deep breath.' And so she did. She gently pushed away the curtain hanging at the door and peered inside.

It was a simple place yet looked extremely cosy. Here and there, littered were items of daily use and in the corner of the hut was a small wooden cot like thing which must have served as the bed. Her stomach lurched when she spotted Bucky next to it, trying to prepare the bed. He didn't have his metal arm, she noted. Of course he didn't.

"Need some help with that?" Laura said quietly yet loud enough that Bucky would hear her. He turned around so fast that for a second Laura thought he'd get whiplash. His eyes widened slightly as he stared at her, almost as though he recognised who she was. "Laura?" He asked quietly, like he was unsure if she was actually there.

"You remember me?" Laura stepped forward hesitantly. She took off the bagpack from her shoulders and dropped it to the ground, staring at Bucky. "You know who I am?"

"I do," Bucky replied after a moment's pause. Laura nearly fell over as the feeling of relief expanded in her chest. "I remember you so helped me escape from them...from HYDRA. And..."

"And?" Laura stepped even closer, biting her lip as she stared at Bucky, whose face was scrunched up in concentration. "It's okay. Say it."

"We kissed. A lot."

"Oh yeah, that we did," Laura was on the verge of tears and these were happy tears, not sad ones. "Anything else you remember about me?"

Bucky nodded. "Yes, there is one another thing."


"I like you," Bucky told her as he, too, stepped closer to her. "I like you a lot."

"Oh," Laura couldn't take it anymore. She rushed forward, tackling the man into a hug. She clutched at the robes he was wearing and almost started crying into his chest. "I missed you, I missed you so much. I'm so glad you're here and you're better now. I love you, Bucky."

And to demonstrate her point, she placed both her hands on his bearded cheeks and pressed a kiss to his lips. For a moment, Bucky didn't respond but then he kissed her back, his one arm on her back, pulling her closer to him. They kissed each other like never before, as though they were two lovers that were brought together after a long separation (which they technically were). Breathing heavily, Laura pulled away, her hands still on his cheeks. She leaned forward, pressing her forehead against his.

"Well that was nice," Bucky said as he gently stroked her arm. Laura realised that he was speaking in a way she hadn't heard him before, a manner of pure joy and happiness.

"What?" Laura said amidst happy tears. "You didn't think I was going to do that?"

"Actually no," Bucky replied, shaking his head with a slight smile. They were still holding on to each other, unwilling to let go of the other. "I was just expecting a hug. Not, you know..."

She hit him on his shoulder playfully before she wiped her eyes on her sleeve. Before she could control it, a yawn escaped her mouth.

"You're tired. Come on, lie down and sleep," Bucky pulled her towards the wooden cot. "We can talk later."

"N-no," Laura protested weakly. "I'm not tired and I definitely don't want to sleep." But even as she said it, another yawn escaped her mouth. Bucky shook his head at her before he pushed her down on the cot. She immediately collapsed on it, kicking off her shoes as she yawned, once again, against the pillow. "You better be joining me, Bucky."

"Who said I wasn't?" He smirked before he lay down next to her. Laura scooted over a little to make space for him. And as he used his one arm to play with her hair, for the first time in many years, Laura found herself at peace.

And it was well deserved peace.

Giving you their reunion just because 😊😊😉

***Giving you their reunion just because 😊😊😉

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