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Nightmares never stopped, no matter what you tried

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Nightmares never stopped, no matter what you tried. Even if Laura had not had one for the longest time, the second she did, it was a big one, the time of her training with the other Winter Soldiers. To anybody else, it would have looked like they were watching a movie but Laura knew the pain and the hurt she had felt throughout that time.

"Keep your stance straight, Agent Blake," The lieutenant commanded. Laura straightened up, staring into the eyes of the woman opposite her. This was much after the experimentation done on her. Now, HYDRA was forcing her to fight the newest Winter Soldiers, all of them beating her up day by day, night by night. This was her last fight of today against the latest person HYDRA turned into killers.

Laura clenched her fists and stood in a fighting stance. No matter how much she wanted to leave, to quit, she knew she couldn't now. There was no escape from this. So she mindlessly followed the orders they gave her till the day she knew she could escape. The woman in front, a person, she didn't even know the name of, stared at her with cold dark eyes. Laura didn't know who threw the first punch, but suddenly the women's fist slammed into her face, while she sunk her fist into her stomach.

Blood pooled in her mouth as she coughed, stumbling a little. Laura took a short pause to catch her breath before she and the Winter Soldier woman dived at each other, both with the intent to kill. For a short moment, her brown eyes widened as the woman threw a fist at her before she managed to tilt her head and slam it into hers. The woman swayed for a few seconds before steadying herself and threw a kick at her, which she barely dodged.

Then the woman threw her entire body weight behind her next punch, striking Laura with such force that she felt blood trickling from her nose and her mouth. She let out a grunt of pain before she managed to throw a fist at the woman who dodged it easily. The woman swung her fist at her, hitting her in her stomach. Laura grunted in pain as she fell to the floor. She tried to get up but stopped when she felt a flash of pain go through her chest. Panting heavily, Laura got up again and swung a punch at the soldier but she missed, striking the air above her shoulder.

Taking her chance, the woman grabbed her and put her arm around her neck in a choke hold. Laura struggled to breathe, trying to land any form of attack on her but it was all in vain. The woman tightened her hold, making Laura clench at her hands. White spots were appearing before her eyes. 'I can't...not now...'

Suddenly the lieutenant's loud voice rang out. "достаточно, солдат!"

The Winter Soldier let go of Laura, roughly pushing her to the ground. She grabbed at her throat, coughing and gasping for air. She barely heard the lieutenant's command, neither did she feel the arms of the other HYDRA agents dragging her away. The blood loss was already affecting her, as she started to feel dizzy. Damn it, HYDRA was going down now. She was determined.

Laura's eyes snapped open as she sat up in the bed, sweating heavily. With everything that had happened and with what HYDRA had done to her and made her do, she didn't feel like she was in a good state. Plus she hadn't seen Bucky in a long while, so that also played a part in her current state. She wondered how he was doing. Last she heard of him was from Steve when he told her that Bucky was going under in Wakanda, where T'Challa had offered the kingdom's services in hiding him and helping him heal. Laura would have thank the king.

She closed her eyes and let herself fall back on the bed. Instantly sleep came over her and she fell into the world of dreams. Only this time, there was no nightmare, only the dream of a pleasant memory she and Bucky had shared.

"Doll," Bucky drawled as she curled up into his side on the couch. "What are you doing?"

"Cuddling," Laura replied, feeling tired after the day. "Don't tell me you didn't have that in the forties."

Bucky draped his human arm over her shoulder, pulling her closer. Both of them were not very affectionate people, especially after what had happened to them but little moments like these were what kept them calm and...happy, if that word could be used.

"Of course, we did," Bucky ran his fingers over her shoulder, sending shivers of feelings through her body. Even if they kissed a lot, even if there was no label to what they were, Laura always felt tingles in her body, that in some impossible future she could feel if she was Bucky's girlfriend.

Noticing the look on her face, Bucky asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"A lot of things," Laura answered truthfully. "Us. Watching our every step, keeping you safe. Knowing that neither of us will ever have normal lives. But these little moments make me," She pulled away from his side and propped herself on her knees. "Happy."

Bucky pushed back a stray strand of her before gently cupping her cheek and pulling her close. "I feel the same. You make me feel...loved."

Laura felt herself grow warm. She put her arms around Bucky's neck and pulled him close, gently kissing him. He pulled her close, deepening the kiss. Her hand started playing with loose strands of his hair. Finally with a dazed smile on her face, Laura pulled away.
But Bucky didn't want it to end, he kissed her again, rather hungrily. Laura found herself being pushed onto the couch, as Bucky continued to kiss her with passion. Finally, he pulled away and stared down at her, his arms pinning her's down.

"Well," Laura said with a coy smile. "That was not how I thought cuddling would turn out."

"Neither did I," Bucky replied with the slightest smirk. Laura smiled back. "So now are you gonna let me go?"

"No, who said I was going to?"

"Oh that's how it is," Laura stated in amusement. It wasn't like she minded it in anyway. As he went back to kiss her back, Bucky said to her, "That's exactly how it is."


достаточно, солдат - enough, soldier

I love writing cute stuff for these guys so much tbh; just needed an excuse to add this scene.
this book is also coming to an end, with what, like two chapters left along with the post credit scene. I get really sad whenever this happens; honestly I hate letting go of my characters. This really makes me wanna do an AU fic with Laura and Bucky, and with Endgame coming out this week, I'm probably going to end up doing that.

Anyways, I hope you liked this. Let me know what you think!

 Let me know what you think!

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