Creative Killing

It was dark and cold, as were all of Natalia’s missions. However, unlike all of Natalia’s other missions, it was earlier than she prefered, but that was as per her job. She needed to blend in and kill; the client was different from her last ones. Natalia would have to approach him head-on, and lure him away from his comrades.

Natalia slowed her pace on the cobblestone streets slightly to adjust her clothing. Along with the early job, she would also have to wear a dress. The job was far out of her comfort zone, as she preferred to work with the night. But it was a job from the Sontas, and with them, it was do or die - literally.

“This is just to blend.” Natalia muttered as she once again fiddled with the sweeping neckline of her dress.

That was true. Along with everything else in her mission, she couldn’t wear her signature black clothing. Instead, she was stuck wearing one of her only dresses. Otherwise, she would stick out like a sore thumb. Finally, she arrived at her destination.

It was a musty pub, dark and dirty. The alcohol was like a thick perfume, wafting through the dank room and clinging to all it’s inhabitants. Around tables and sitting at a bar was an assortment of people. All the men were drunken slobs, the women mostly streetwalkers, looking for work. Natalia surveyed the scene with mild horror, before taking a deep breath and crossing the threshold.

“Whiskey.” She said to the bartender, who silently nodded and passed her a glass. Natalia took a tiny sip and really started to look at all of the people. She quickly zeroed in on her target. After a moment of thought, she squared her shoulders and dove in.

He was one of the Citadel’s finest thieves; cunning and shrewd. Many times he had snatched precious prizes and treasures out from the Sontas. He had stolen their business and even once killed on of her own. He was a class A member of the underground who rivaled the Sontas.

And it was time for him to die.

He looked up as Natalia approached, and grinned. He was falling for her trick and was absolutely in her grasp. He subtly elbowed his friend, who also looked up and smiled.

“Well hello there pretty lady, what can I do for you?” Her target said, flirting.

Natalia let out a giggle. Though the men seemed to buy it completely, it sounded dry and false to her. “You tell me.”

The man and his friend’s grins grew wider. To them, she was the trifecta: young, beautiful, and easy. With a few simple words and a scandalous dress, she had them wrapped around her little finger.

“So what’s your charge?” Her client’s friend asked.

Natalia pouted. “It’s pretty high.”

Her target laughed. “Oh baby, you’re fine. I work for the Citadel. I could buy you a house and all the pretty dresses you’d like. Same goes for my friend.”

Natalia giggled again. “Meet me outside. I’ll be waiting.” She turned on her heel and left the pub. The first part of her plan was running smoothly. And she had found not one but two members to kill.

Off to the side of the building, in an alleyway, she stripped herself of the dress to reveal her typical loose black pants. Tucked in the waistline was a shirt. Quickly, she changed herself and left the dress out on the ground of the alley in a messy fashion. The blades strapped to various points of Natalia’s body were carefully adjusted.

She couldn’t help but smile triumphantly. Her bait was set.

Natalia climbed up until she reached the roof. She lowered herself into a crouch, with an easy view of the alley. Within minutes the two men were walking down the street, when they noticed the dress on the ground.

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