Uh Oh! We're In Treble!

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Kelly Rowland, former member of Destiny's Child, walks from the bathroom and to the bed; while brushing her hair. She is wearing a gorgeous, yet professional bright orange, knee-high dress. Her hair, long and straight, flows freely just close to the middle of her back. She has some makeup on, nothing heavy. A pair of diamond earrings and a necklace with a treble clef pendant. She lays the hair brush down beside her open suitcase and picks up her book "From Destiny and Beyond" from inside. An e-book had been released a week earlier. She looks at the book. "Maybe now they'll understand why my real reason to go solo." She smiles.

"Of course, you won't be alive to witness it." A voice says behind her.

Kelly turns and gasps. "Laarius, I anticipated your arrival."

"Oh really?" Laarius inquires. "Then I hope you anticipated your death too."

Kelly gasps and grabs the treble clef pendant on her necklace. She opens her mouth and sings an A4 off of the major scale. A purple swirl of energy enlarges and a bolt shoots at Laarius. However he absorbs the bolt.

"You are no match for me without the rest of your force." Laarius says and raises both of his hands. A yellow light emits from them and begins literally absorbing Kelly's life.

"AHH!" Kelly screams as the purple energy leaves her body. Her body begins to grow old until the energy is completely drained. Kelly crumples to the floor in a decayed and cold heap.

A knock sounds at the hotel room door. "Mrs. Rowland? Is everything alright?"

Laarius smirks wickedly and disappears through a swirling funnel of yellow clouds.

The door opens and Kelly's manager enters. She screams loudly when she sees Kelly's crumpled form.



Pip and Bev are walking to their lockers. Pip notices that a bunch of kids are carrying purple flowers, flowers like lilacs and lilies and many others; some real and some artificial.

"What's with all the purple flowers?" Pip asks, looking to look at Bev.

Bev stops and looks at Pip. "Kelly Rowland? Destiny's Child? She was killed three years ago."

Pip frowns. "I didn't know. At this time, three years ago, the Hamiton Revolutes had just began to take off." Pip looks at his watch. "At this exact time I was strategizing with other students on how to get the attention of other schools and how to get their support."

Bev nods. "You remember the exact time you did everything?"

"Of course, I will never forget the day I took a stand against the Bronx County school board."

Eddie, Richie and Bill join up with them. "Hey guys." Eddie says.

The five friends all share greetings to each other.

"So what's up?" Bill asks.

"I was explaining to Pip why everyone has purple flowers."

Richie looks at Pip. "You seriously didn't know why?"

Pip nods. "As I told Bev, the Hamilton Revolutes had just began to take off. I was too preoccupied to keep up with 'what's trending in Hollywood?'" He says.

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