London's DJ Tim Parker speaks with Los Bangeles

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London based [ Tim Parker] was meant to get on the airwaves: even back at junior school he taped make-believe programs and took them in to play to his good friends. Tim's made great strides since then, though, establishing the You'll Soon Know program on massively influential internet radio station NTS due to his courageous choices and forward thinking taste.

Interviewer: Describe yourself

Tim Parker: Thanks for having me. Well, I suck at this. I think I'm a pretty nerdy dude who loves music and loves to travel the world whenever possible.

Interviewer: What are your duties at Mixcloud?

Tim Parker: I'm a developer and designer at Mixcloud. I'm involved in preserving many the front-end of the website in check, in addition to working on designs and concepts for new features or modifications.

Interviewer: The fresh, new Mixcloud design looks wonderful. What were your goals when developing it? Did you interact with people?

Tim Parker: Cheers, I'm glad you like it! We have a remarkable team at Mixcloud, so aside from myself, one of the founders Nico was working on the core ideas, as well as Yavor who is likewise a designer here. We had a lot of difficulties with the design, constraints such as ads as well as it being simple for the old users to use, as well as lots of first time users. I think our idea was to actually bring it up to speed with what's taking place on the web today. It had to be simpler to use as an uploader along with a listener, we also wanted to make it so you can be proud to have your content on the website and make it appealing enough to share. I think we are well on our way now, however there's still plenty more to come, it is destined to be an amazing year.

Interviewer: What is the balance between your development and design work?

[ Tim Parker]: I'd say it's essentially a 50/50 split. If I do too much of one I get excited to do something else, and vice versa so that suits me I think. It is good to focus on designs and then be able to put it into practice later on (and keep an eye on it entirely to conclusion, I am a touch OCD with my pixels). Sometimes in the freelance days I'd design something and it would wind up on a website looking nothing like the initial Photoshop creation, so these days I attempt to keep an eye on both aspects as much as possible.

Interviewer: How do you stay up to date with your work as a designer, developer and DJ?

Tim Parker: I really love my work, it doesn't actually seem like work compared with several things I have done in previous years. I think I enjoy the fact I'm not producing music full-time (not that I could). With my radio show being every two weeks and the odd event spread in between I usually appear to find them both really delightful and am constantly thrilled for both. In the end they both complement one another perfectly.

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