11. old friends

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[ 11. old friends ]


Jeongguk is starting to notice how more popular Taehyung is getting at their school.

When he first came, people were curious. A New Yorker coming to their small town is surely something they feel obligated to investigate. Jeongguk had thought they would have lost interest ages ago, but since Taehyung has joined the football team (much to Jason and the gang's disinterest) his popularity has skyrocketed.

Out of nowhere Taehyung has suddenly replaced Jason, and it shows.

"I hate his ass," Jason seethes, a muscle twitching angrily in his clenched jaw. Jeongguk glances up from his plate of food, following Jason's gaze over to Taehyung's table where he's currently being bombarded by girls.

"No need to repeat it," Steven crumples a napkin and throws it at Jason, the edges of his lips quirking upwards in amusement when he turns to glare at him.

Jeongguk ignores them, filling his mouth with meatloaf and mashed potatos as his attention fixates on Taehyung. Tiffany and Maria are on either side of him along with their usual group of girls that follow them like bees.

Taehyung doesn't look so interested in their attempts at flirting, though Jeongguk can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy whenever a girl would get too close. His tongue presses into his cheek as Tiffany hooks her arm with his, and with that, his appetite to eat disappears.

A part of him finds it completely ridiculous for even thinking this way - Taehyung and he are just friends who kiss occasionally. Plus he could care less if a girl flirts with one of his friends, so it makes absolutely no sense why he's getting so irritated watching Taehyung and Tiffany.

Though, he supposes there's more to it.

Perhaps part of him is jealous of Tiffany and Maria since they're able to flirt so openly with Taehyung without the fear someone would look down upon them. Perhaps it's that odd feeling he gets when he realizes that he can never do the same with Taehyung in public considering the fact most of their interactions are hidden in the night at their special gazebo.

He ends up staring too long, and for a split second his gaze meets Taehyung's. The blonde flashes him a smirk, making his cheeks instantly warm up. Jeongguk sucks in a breath, averting his attention to his food.

"Everything about him pisses me off," Jason complains, bitterness lacing his words. "I bet he won't last a single night at the Lake."

"Bro, you can't even last a night at the Lake," Brian snickers alongside Steven. Jeongguk can't help but smile too, though it instantly falls when Jason slings his arm over his shoulder.

"Taehyung's probably a pussy like Jeon here," He teases him and reaches over to ruffle Jeongguk's hair.

He squeaks, swatting the boy away as best as he can. However, Jason doesn't let go, instead pulling Jeongguk close to his side. From a few tables away, Jeongguk notices Taehyung is staring over at their table now, completely ignoring Tiffany and Maria.

"Let go," Jeongguk deepens his voice to sound more tough. He then pulls Jason's arm off of him, his features crumpling into a scowl when Jason pats his head.

"What I'm saying is that we should invite Taehyung to the lake!" Jason exclaims, his words instantly making Jeongguk freeze in his seat. His jaw dropping slightly, Jeongguk tries to say something but Jason's quick to cut him off.

"I mean, he joined the football team right? We should ask him to come," He says smugly, his smile broadening when Steven and Brian nod along, agreeing with his plan.

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